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In Waifu Academy APK , you play as young man (with a name of your choice, of course), who wishes to seek revenge after many years of harrowing ordeals… The game features more than 30 characters, each of which is unique and has a (hopefully) believable background. Most of the game scenes take place at a fictional private high school called, ‘Sazaki Academy.’

Updated: 2018-12-11
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.8a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

CURRENT PROGRESS: Waifu Academy APK v0.6 – 50%

Hello, and welcome on my AdultGameZone Page

I’m Irphaeus, the creator of adult games about Waifu Academy APK !

About me:
I’m a young (31 is still young, isn’t it?) man who loves video games… So much so, that I decided to make my own, and here it is! Please do note that I’m not a native English speaker, so you should expect some “Engrish” here and there. Not to worry though, as each version of the game Waifu Academy Full Version is thoroughly reviewed before being released.
“But Irphaeus,” you may ask, “why did you start making games now, of all times?” Well, I lost my job a few months ago… but in a way, it came as a relief. Now that I have some extra time to devote to my passion, I can do what I like: making games that people can enjoy! Of course, it’s not that easy, since I’m still learning about programming, scripting, and 3D. However, with you help, together we can create something we both love.

This takes us to my current project Waifu Academy Android Port. In August 2017, I started from scratch, and have finally pieced together something I feel happy enough with to show to you all. Why did it take me 6 months to release it? Well, it’s a massive visual novel-style of game, that I’ve been working on by myself. I wanted to work alone (for now) to be able to create a cohesive story, with a lot of characters and content, without having to fight with a partner over minute details. I’ve seen enough AdultGameZone games to know like Waifu Academy Game, however, that no matter how pretty the art is, or how many (fake) choise you have, backers don’t want to wait months between releases. Thus, if people like this project, and want to see more of it, I will form a team to bring you the game we all love, faster and more seamlessly.

———- Available on ———-

About my next game project: 

Waifu Hunter will be based around a classic fantasy setting; with goblins, trolls, elves and all those other fantastical creatures we’ve come to know and love over the years.

  • While the game shares an adjective with a previous title, I must stress that it shares nothing else with the other entry (except maybe some funny cameos).
  • In Waifu Hunter, you’ll play a skilled warrior that can be sometimes be a bit of perv’, but has a heart of gold. Well, not gold… maybe aluminum. (Do you know Ryo Saeba from City Hunter…? Voiced by ol’ J. Chan? He’s sort of like that, minus the Kenshiro mullet and voice acting talent.)
  • You work as a bounty hunter, knocking heads and doing God’s work. One day, your job will run in a more lewd and lucrative direction as you go about your travels, and it is up to you how exactly to deal with this change.
  • The game will be a RPG using Ren’py, with a battle systemimplementing one of the most classic of mechanics: clothing damage (Stripping waifus everywhere! Not without consent, obviously. That would be impure.)
  • As you battle along defeating enemies, you will meet some new Waifus along the way! (Monster girls of all kinds: Demons, Elves, Amazons, and who knows? Maybe there will be a human or two, just for exclusivity purposes. Although, I know at least one person will say Amazons are human, but not in my world, son.)
  • After being defeated or pacified, those Waifus can be added to your party, or they can work at your farm, which you can micro-manage to your heart’s content! Meaning you will always have some content to play around with while waiting the next story update. 
  • The game will be more of a sandbox than a VN, but will surely keep the quality storytelling showcased in Waifu Academy Patreon. No worries, I won’t skimp! (Since the plot, characters, setting and whatnot are all made from the ground up, the narrative should tie together nicely, even if you get Witcher-like wanderlust.)
  • The game will have a lighter tone than the last one: it’s not a story about revenge, after all… So, this will allow for both the freedom of morality, as well as the (curated) freedom of plot progression. This will include a map movement and the line, as I want the game to be less a routine than than the previous.



-4 ingame days of new content.(thu,fri,sat,sun)
-The Kumoto’s house is an event place.(Inori home)
-The Tendo Strip Club is an event place.
-A new train event.
-A new event place in the mountain.
-You can now ‘roam’ in the Zaibatsu building.
-You can visit the gym.
-You can visit the spa.
-You can visit the TV/photoshoot studio.
-Updated the homework quest menu.
-Added more branching menu and choises.
-Added new transition effect (flash, cum etc)
-Added Karma system to new ‘relevant’ choises (still WIP).
-Added ~5000 lines of dialogue/script.
-Added 32 new scenes with ~570 3D pictures.
-Added 19 sex animation scene. -Added 7 new musics, and 22 sounds/FX.
-Fixed several typos -Fixed ‘Yukiko’ displaying ‘Yuna’ name
-Fixed ‘Haruka’ displaying ‘Harada’ name.


  • 3 ingame days of new content.
  • The Zaibatsu building is an event place.
  • The train grope event match the game pacing.
  • Catherine night event go further.
  • Brooke arcade strip go further.
  • Added better and new transition effect.
  • Added 2 new TV spot.
  • Added a home menu gallery (early WIP).
  • Added Karma system to new relevant choises (still WIP).
  • Added 2 new Characters.(a prostitute, and a familly member).
  • Added ~4100 lines of dialogue/script.
  • Added 23 new scenes with ~410 pictures .
  • Added 20 sex animation.
  • Added 4 new musics, and 7 sounds/FX.
  • Fixed several typos.
  • Fixed ‘Yukiko’ displaying ‘Yuna’ name.


  • 2 ingame days of new content.
  • You can go to Zaibatsu building.
  • You can grope girls on the train.
  • You can peek on Catherine at night
  • Added 2 new TV spot.
  • Added better quest log with hint details.
  • Added a home menu gallery (early WIP).
  • Added a pop-up menu featuring characters portait & info (still WIP).
  • Added Karma system to new relevant choises (still WIP).
  • Added 5 new places with event (Downtown commercial, Catherine bedroom, TV show, A Gym, Karaoke booth).
  • Added 4 new characters.(a girls band, and a journalist).
  • Added ~2900 lines of dialogue/script.
  • Added 21 new scenes with ~390 pictures .
  • Added 12 animated sex scenes.
  • Added 4 new musics, and 5 sounds/FX.
  • Fixed several typos -Fixed ‘Haruka’ displaying ‘Harada’ name
  • Fixed Karma point when peeking on Inori

waifu academy apk

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