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IMPORTANT NOTE: Parts 1 & 2 are built in Ren’py but are not games. They are a series of still renders and videos with no text or story. Parts 3 & 4 are videos. 
NOTEIf you want to view the images on comics file you can extract the .rar or .zip files. If you are using the CDisplay Ex (recommended) NO NEED to extract the file. Just load it there. 


SOB1 – In the deep forest, beautiful lady was sealed. When little orc was passing in the forest, he found her. That orc had some dangerous feeling, so he decided to break that stone lady…

SOB2 – In her lair, she was preparing some ceremony. But two orcs trespass in jared999d hentai secret of beauty. Two strong orcs want to revenge their company.

SOB3 – After the events with the Orcs in previous chapters of jared999d hentai secret of beauty 4, the Stone Lady Karen journeys through the land, looking for any male who can satisfy her lustful craving. She eventually wanders into a church where she meets Markus, who is mourning the loss of a friend in Secret of Beauty

SOB4 Kunichi Edition – The kunoichi Suzi pursued The Stone Lady, Karen, but was defeated in combat and thrown into jail. In her solitary contemplation, the kunoichi knows any difficult situation can be controlled… but at that moment the door of the prison cell opens.​

Updated: 2019-2-1
Developer/PublisherAffect3D / Jared999D
Censorship: Nope
Language: English (though there’s no speaking or text. Just moans)
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac – jared999d secret of beauty 4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (Part 3), 1920×1080 (part 4)
Format: Application (parts 1 & 2), .mp4 (parts 3 & 4)
Length: 16m (Part 3), 16m 35s (Part 4)

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