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Compressed Version:

Here’s my crunched version.

Note: This is an unofficial modified version of this game so if something goes wrong it goes wrong ;)

Image/audio/video quality is reduced to make this smaller. This is not a perfect process and sometimes can break a

game. You’ve been warned so no complaining.

Research Into Corruption APK Download [v0.25a] [Geeseki] – Original Size: 807MB

When Images won't load or show up, download, then install the right codec for your os.
When movies won't load or show up, download the webm "DirectShow Filters".
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Well I learned a valuable lesson: don’t rush bugfix releases!

Boom and I have been busy solving the ‘missing .png’ loading error because some more people showed up having this error and the initial solutions that I mentioned in this thread didn’t work.
It appeared that I have forgotten to switch off a plugin needed for MAC and can cause problems on Windows computers when other games using the same plugin have been played.
To fix this, I have uploaded a new file: ‘RiC fix loading error package.json’.
When you run into this loading error: download the fix, move it to the game folder, delete the original package.json and rename the fix package to package.json.
The game will now load without any problems and the saves will be stored in “Users\’username’\AppData\Local\Research into Corruption”.

Link to the fix:

Download: Loading Error Package.json

Download: Walkthrough 

DISCLAIMER: Research Into Corruption New Update is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

Cheat Menu Location:


Installation Guide & How-To Download for Android, Windows & Mac

How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Wait for the 5 sec Countdown for the link.
5. Click on the Skip Ad button on the above right of the page.
How To Install Files:
1) Unpack the compressed file with 7zip or equivalent.
2) Start “Game.exe” and enjoy!

Screenshots:research into corruption apk

Research Into Corruption APK Free Download – This is a Modded RPGMV Game to simulate a type of Visual Novel Exploration Corruption game. Note : This is not your ordinary RPG Maker Game! You need to corrupt the people around you to help you with your new line of work.

Updated: 08/10/2018
Developer/Publisher: DrSmith shares discord servers with Boomatica. Discord link
Censorship: None
Version: 0.6.5 Bugfix
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Research Into Corruption APK Free Download: There’s more! If you become a patron to Boom’s Attic Games, you’ll immediately get access to as many as 537 patron-only posts.
Progress: 59% complete 1. I’ll start paying voice actors to voice the characters in both games.


v0.6.5 bugfix change log

– Loop when in Effie’s home and you don’t have her key;
– Disappearing icons for the apps;
– Skipping animations no longer freezes the game.

This version is already crunched

v0.6.5 change log

First of all: OLD SAVES WON’T WORK (well to some degree but gameplay will be unpredictable). Sorry, too many things are changed (also ‘under the hood’).

This release contains only new content for Shannon and Effie and some minor changes for Sarah and Chloe.

Important: Some animtations contain artifacts (blue flashes). I have tried everything to get that out of the animations but I can’t find what’s causing it.
It’s totally random to boot.
It will be only for a short time in the animation and most animations are alright.
Wanted to let you know beforehand.

– 1824 images;
– 54 animations.

– added 3 levels of corruption with 11 events each (33 in total)
– events: 7am Bedroom/Study, 8am Toilet, 9am Bathroom, 10am Bedroom/Study , 5pm Kitchen, 6pm Kitchen, 7pm Bathroom, 8pm Kitchen, 9pm Lounge, 10pm Bedroom/Study,
11pm Bedroom/Study;
– Cheats for Shannon;
– Diary system for Shannon;
– Phone messages for Shannon.

– New locations: Effie’s home (entrance, TV, bath, bedroom), Coffee Shop (terrace, inside) can now be entered;
– added 4 levels of corruption with 17 events each (68 in total)
– events: 7am Entrance, 8am Entrance, 9am Coffee Shop terrace, 10am Coffee Shop terrace, 11am Coffee Shop terrace, 12pm Coffee Shop inside, 1pm Coffee Shop inside,
2pm Coffee Shop inside, 3pm Coffee Shop terrace, 4pm Coffee Shop inside, 5pm TV, 6pm Bathroom, 7pm Entrance, 8pm Entrance, 9pm Bedroom, 10pm Bedroom,
11pm Bedroom;
– Cheats for Effie;
– A somewhat changed gameplay for Effie: some timeslots have different events, some events influence another,
some events will have different options within the same level (but still depending on CP’s).
Effie scores less CP’s per event than the other characters because she has more events and some events are meant to be repeated.
For higher levels, there is an index of what you have done with Effie. This index will enable next H-scenes within an event.
For instance, when the index is set to 10 and you have the according event, the H-scene will play and the index will be set to 11, enabeling the H-scene for the
next event. When you have the ‘index=10’ event without having the index set to 10 (that means lower than 10), the H-scene is hinted and the index is set to 10,
so when you repeat the event the H-scene will then play.
H-scenes with an index-value lower than the current setting of the index will always play!;
– Missing a key event will have consequences! Also bad choices can be made, they’ll cost you CP’s.;
– Diary/phone system for Effie;
– Phone messages for Effie.

Some new characters who could get their own paths but for now only occuring in events for Effie:
– Mimi, waitress at the restaurant;
– Ellis, owner of the Coffee Shop;
– Harold, regular at the Coffee Shop.

– Toggle Full screen is now possible by pressing F4;
– Splash screen changed;
– Name can now be entered with keyboard;
– Animations can now be interupted by ‘Enter’ or ‘Esc’;
– Menu changed, other choices and fonts and 2 slides added (one for Shannon and one for Effie);
– Boomatica added to credits as original creator;
– Save system changed to 30 possible saves with more info on each save;
– All Patreon references removed;
– Tutorial changed for new apps;
– New GUI, now day and time will be in view when a non-animated event transpires, there’s also a new button to exit the game;
– Cheat menu can now be activated in all ‘location overview’ (Home Overview, Auntie Overview, Effie’s Home, Coffee Shop) screens (left bottom corner);
– Last transition events for Sarah and Chloe are now repeatable (by choice);
– Some text and image errors corrected (and undoubtedly added some new errors);
– Indication of Shannon is on the beach is now correct;
– Code optimized for slower computers;
– Money is more important now, there are more things to buy. Also too long not ‘working’ on your game will result in decrease of income.
And when you think this is all, money will become more and more important! So start working if you want to have some choices in future releases!

v0.6.0 change log

Sarah :
(Home – Sarah’s Room (9PM) )
– (300CP) Sarah Massage (19 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
(Home – Toilet (10PM) )
– (300CP) Generic Event (4 Pictures)
— (300CP) (Opt 1) (Blow-Job) (5 Pictures) (1 Animation)
— (300CP) (Opt 2) (Make sure she’s clean) (4 Pictures) (1 Animation)
— (300CP) (Opt 3) (Anal) (5 Pictures) (1 Animation)
(Home – Sarah’s Room (300CP) (11PM) )
– (S+M Sex Triggers) Sarah + Chloe Night Event (16 Pictures) (1 Animations) -added
(Home – Transition event (11PM) )
– (400CP) First Vaginal Sex Event (25 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
Chloe :
(Home – Lounge (9PM) )
– (300CP) Chloe TV (19 Pictures) (1 Animations) -added
(Home – BedRoom (10PM) )
– (300CP) Chloe + Mr.Ted (3 Pictures) (1 Animations) -added
(Home – BedRoom (11PM) )
– (300CP) Who’s there? (21 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
(Home – Transition event (7AM) )
– (400CP) First Anal Sex Event (21 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
Shannon :
(Auntie’s Home – Kitchen (5PM) )
– (0-75CP) Offer to make Shannon Tea (6 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Kitchen (6PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon just finished dinner (10 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Bathroom (7PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon just finished dinner (10 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Kitchen (8PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon doing the dishes (11 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Lounge (9PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon watching TV (15 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – BedRoom (10PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon Relaxing on bed (8 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – BedRoom (11PM) )
– (0-300CP) Shannon Sleeping (16 Pictures)-added
– (0CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (75CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (150CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (225CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (300CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
Cheat Menu :
– Unlock all : Will unlock all Current Events for said characte. (But not the 400CP Transition event)
– Chloe : Set CP level 400 -added
– Chloe : Unlock all Moved -added
– Sarah : Set CP level 400 -added
– Sarah : Unlock all Moved -added
Map :
– Night Map -added
– Once past Time:19 (7PM) the Night Map will show.
Main Menu :
– 0.5.9 Changed to 0.6.0
Credits Page :
– Nadesico -added
– Dr.Smith added to Special Thanks
– HeadHunter67 added to Special Thanks
Game Changes/fixes :
– Intro : (characthers) changed to (characters)
– 7 Different events around the home now show the Corruption increased to message (Submitted by DrSmith)
– Added the Skip Animation to 3 different events around the game (Submitted by DrSmith)
Bugs fixed :
– Working on patreon from pc leading to no UI on screen -Fixed. (Submitted by DrSmith)
– Staying at Aunti’s house past 11PM should no longer show black screen -fixed
– Spy Cam 3 Showing wrong video. -fixed
– Clicking Leave on certain events leading to black screen / Still images – fixed
– Currently the End of this Event Messages Added / Removed from events
– Chloe Washing Dishes event (Trigger) fixed.

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