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DISCLAIMER: Oppaimon APK Free Download is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

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You turned 18 years old, is the right time to go out and explore the region of Fuckto, there live the Oppaimon and trainers, there are many Oppaimon to discover, train and seduce, are you able to capture and fuck with all of them? So, GOTTA FUCK’EM ALL!

Thread Updated: 2019-03-28
Release Date: 2019-02-10
Developer: Witch Nighto Studio! Patreon – Gamejolt  itch.io
Censorship: None
Version: v0.3.7
OS: Windows
Language: English

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Hello, We’re Skauron and PantsuHero, and together we are Witch Nighto Studio! and this is Oppaimon, we’re doing our best to make new content and do whatever it cost to fullfill this dream. We’ve created this Patreon page, because it unfortunately costs time and money to make good games, but thanks to your support,We’re able to create games with unique adult experiences.

The Story

You turned 18 years old, is the right time to go out and explore the region of Fuckto, there live the Oppaimon and trainers, there are many Oppaimon to discover, train and seduce, are you able to capture and fuck with all of them? So, GOTTA FUCK’EM ALL!

The Game

The main idea is to recreate a faithful Pokemon game, like the first generation, we hope to finish the 151 Oppaimon8 gyms and the Oppaimon APK Download leagueH-scenes with all the Oppaimon and special scenes with the leader of each gym, in the future with your suṕport we can bring more regions to the game!

Game Content

  1. Oppaimon got High Quiality H-CGS. Later, they will be replaced by animated CGS (not all of them).
  2. Some dialogues will be improved/fixed.
  3. More story/events will be added.
  4. The mechanics and game mode will be improved.
  5. A solid system to seduce the Oppaimon APK Download .
  6. For now we use free tile maps, later we will make our own
Progress: $503 of $1000 per month. We will buy some assets, license and any other things to upgrade the quality of the game.


– Fixed bug Oppaimons can not win XP
– Fixed freeze bug in Rin’s shop
– Fixed menu error after capturing an Oppaimon
– Fixed error in menu when you get your first oppaimon

* Oppaimons added: Cumpie, Peedle, Blowffing, Sexkans
* Attacks added: Bite, Bondage, Chew, Clitshot, Fake orgasm, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Horny, Hot breath, Hug, Hyper bite, Moan, Poison kiss, Popper, Quick fuck, Razor ass, Sand screw, Sludge, Suck nipples, Tail whip, Whirlsquirt (Some attacks will be adjusted in future updates)
* Now attacks have probability of success, otherwise the attack will fail
* Route 2 added
* 2 new girls added (Cloe and Zoe)
* First story event with the team sucket
* Alexa sprites renewed and implemented
* Alexa animation implemented
* First date implemented (A visit to the lake)
* Oppaimon now learn new attacks when they level up
* Cummander, Squirty and Vulvasaur evolve at level 16
* Dialogue system renewed and implemented in some situations
* Voices of Alexa, Violett and Rin added to the game
* In this version has not been implemented the side effects of some attacks, such as your probability of poisoning or critical hit (future update will be included)

– Fixed Bug of change of Oppaimons during the battle.
– Fixed visual Bug of the character running in the scene changes.
– Fixed Bug of sprites in the Oppaimons menu of the player.
– Fixed the Bug of Oppaimons evolutions.

oppaimon apk free download

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