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Please report any bugs to dev@thundorn.com. Please don’t post bugs here as I do not check it. Everyone is welcome to chat on the discord but please read and follow the community guidelines.You shouldn’t need a walkthrough as the game pretty much tells you what to do at each step.

DISCLAIMER: Hopeless Infatuation APK Download is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

Installation Guide & How-To Download for Android, Windows & Mac

How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Complete the CAPTCHA.
3. Click on the ‘Click here to continue.’
4. Wait for the 8 sec Countdown for the link.
5. Click on the Get Link button on the lower half of the page.
Installation for Android/Windows:
1. Download APK or zipped files
2. Extract the Zip file
3. Just install APK files
4. Play & Enjoy your Game.

Since your Mom caught your millionaire banker Dad cheating and divorced his ass you have lived with her and your sister in a mansion. You finished High School last year and have no plans to do anything other than live a life of leisure. There’s just one problem, your Mom wont let you. She keeps banging on about being productive and contributing. She’s so determined that you wont just lay about all day that she’s threatening to send you to “The Ranch” if you don’t buck your ideas up. What’s a lazy bastard to do but kiss ass and scrape by doing the bare minimum?​

Thread Updated: 2019-09-08
Release Date: 2019-09-08
Developer: Thundorn Games Subscribestar– Website – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

hopeless infatuation apk download

Hopeless Infatuation APK Free Download: News flash! If you become a patron to Thundorn Gamesn, you’ll immediately get access to as many as 160 patron-only posts.


Hi Folks. For those of you that are new to Subscribestar please note that unlike Patreon, you will not receive notifications or previews of posts which you are not eligible to view, i.e for higher tiers. This may mean that the page looks inactive when in fact it is not. Once a tier has subscribers I will increase the amount of posts that I make for that specific Tier.


What’s coming soon?

Public downloads for Hopeless infatuation v0.1.12 are now available at thundorn.com
V0.1.2 will be available for download for Subscribers in the next day or so.

V0.1.3 will wrap up the “Educating nikki” storyline and will introduce more interractions with existing characters and hopefully iron out any small bugs that are left lurking yet to be discovered.

The number of posts for subscribers of all tiers continues to improve and I create content most days.


v0.1.12 change log 

– Fixed all reported bugs
– Added TV with mom event

v0.1 change log

First Release

hopeless infatuation apk download

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All questions regarding how to download and install must go into our F.A.Q page, you can find here a detailed answer about it.