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Here is a compressed pc and mac version of Ch2 v1.1! (Fixed now, download the standalone fix for pc here)

Image/audio/video quality is reduced to make shit smaller. This is not a perfect process and sometimes can break a game. You’ve been warned so no bitching.

Heavy Five APK Download [Ch. 2 v1.1] [Nottravis] – Original Size: 783MB

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DISCLAIMER: Heavy Five APK Download is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

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You are an engineering officer aboard the deep space vessel Intrepid, which is currently engaged on a series of resupply missions for those tenuous outposts humanity has so far been able to establish. Relaxing off duty, you find yourself hastily ordered as a last minute replacement for an injured crew member on a mission to resupply a science station on the planet Ophion which has been experiencing a series of unusual events…

Heavy Five is a ten chapter story being released in complete chapters with over a dozen characters, a mission to complete and a series of mysteries available to explore. Of course the biggest question in this story is will you be the hero of it? Or will you ultimately be be the villain?

Thread Updated: 2019-03-30
Release Date: 2019-02-26
DeveloperPatreon Deviantart
Censored: None
Version: Ch. 2 v1.1
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Language: English

heavy five apk download

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I’m developing a series of adult games, the first of which is the science-fiction themed “Heavy Five APK Download“.

Game Downloads

Latest Public Release

Chapter 1 (minor bug fixes and compressed size 17 Jan)


Public release of Chapter Two will be after Chapter Three is released to Patrons.

Please note that charge up front is now enabled for all new patrons I’m afraid due to too many “hit and run” subscriptions. Sorry.

So what’s the game about?

In the not so distant future, mankind has finally cracked the secret of faster than light travel and, with the population of Earth reaching crisis levels, has set forth to explore, find and colonise new worlds for humanity by sending forth deep space vessels.

You are a engineering officer aboard one of these five brother heavy flannel deep space vessels. The Intrepid, which is currently engaged on a series of resupply missions for those tenuous outposts humanity has so far been able to establish. Relaxing off duty, you find yourself hastily ordered as a last minute replacement for an injured crew member on a mission to resupply a science station on the planet Ophion which has been experiencing a series of unusual events…

And the game mechanics?

Heavy Five APK Download is a chapter based game with each chapter being itself complete and so you, as the player, will never find yourself left trapped in game-play whilst waiting for an update. The game largely revolves five finger death punch heavy metal a choice driven mechanic and contains no grinding for stats or money or any of the other oft seen tropes or mechanisms. The choices and actions available give you a large amount of freedom on how you wish to play your character, and almost every decision made will have consequences even if sometimes only minor.

Want to try and be friendly to everyone? Or perhaps be a stiff backed martinet who follows the rule book? Perhaps ultimately you want to the hero of this story?…..Or would you want to be the villain? You can be. Although five nights at heavy’s 2 there is a story arc, what happens in that arc, both to you and the other characters, is down to you and the decisions -you- make.

The other characters in this game five nights at heavy’s 3 are not paper cut outs. They have their own drives, fears, sense of humour and ambitions as well as your character does. Behind the main story arc lay many other stories. What exactly happened to the officer five brother heavy chambray work shirt you replaced and why are they not on the ship? Are the science five nights at heavy team really all that they seem? Are the rumours about the cruiser pilot true and five brother heavy flannel shirts just what is going on inside the flight engineer’s head?

Perhaps your character doesn’t care? That’s fine. He doesn’t have to. There is no forced content in this game. There are no points where you, as the player, will ever get stuck or be unable to progress. The story will continue to unfold as you play regardless of your choices. Although -how- it unfolds will be influenced by those choices….

And romance?

This is an adult game – and I mean that in all senses of the word. Not only is the game adult themed but it is a grown-up game for grown-ups. This is not a game that has simple mechanics for winning the affection of others where you can repeat an action a number of times and guarantee hearts and flowers. The real world doesn’t work like that, and neither does this one.

That said romance is big five heavy, of course, possible. And again, there is no forced content here. You don’t like a particular five brother heavy flannel work shirts character? That’s fine. Just smile and be pleasant and move on (or don’t be pleasant – it’s up to you!). As I said earlier, this game is about choices. Your choices – and that should, naturally, include who you wish to get romantic with.

Just how big will this game be?

Heavy Five APK Download is a ten chapter visual novel which will be delivered over the course of twelve months. The first ten months are for the completion of the main story arc with a chapter delivered at the end of each month. The remaining two months are currently planned for retrofitting optional choices for the player such as being able to choose their gender and race and remastering earlier graphics heavy five facts.

The game also has a fully fledged universe lore behind it too, even down to the science being as accurate as it can possibly be for the setting.

Progress: $525 of $1,000 per month. I’ll start to feel very humble if we get anywhere near this…But, at this point, the focus is still very much on graphical improvements. At this level I’m looking to be able to add animations, and add improved graphical postwork to the still renders. What I want, and what this will help me achieve, is to make the artwork as lifelike as possible in a consistently and realistic delivery timetable.


Version 1 of Chapter two: released in full 2019-02-19

Version 1 of Chapter one: released in full 2019-01-01
Bugfix and minor graphical updates to Chapter one 2019-17-01

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