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The plan is to make this project a little more focused on exploration of environments, inspired in classic Sierra/Lucas Arts games. You’ll play as the guy during the exploration of the manor, but will also take partial control of the girl during her missions on the field, trying to influence her decisions to the path you’ll decide. Planned other fetishes, like pregnancy.


DISCLAIMER: Goons Raid Her New Update is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

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How To Install Files:
1) Unpack the compressed file with 7zip or equivalent.
2) Start “GoonsRaidHer.exe” and enjoy!

Goons Raid Her APK Free Download – This is the official demo version of the new project (title is not definitive). It features an extension to the tech demo where you’ll start to explore the manor and the secrets of the adventurer girl. A guy is hired by her to help in the quest to find an ancient artifact. However, things will get twisted as he learns her secrets and receives another mysterious offer.​

Thread Updated: 2019-09-17
Release Date: 2019-09-16
Developer: The Architect Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.1
OS: Windows, Mac (experimental)
Language: English

goons raid her apk

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Welcome to my AdultGameZone page!

Hi! I’m The Architect. I like games! I love making games!

I released three games of the  Hack’n Stalk series during 2017 and 2018. The first is a short adult game that mixes elements of visual novels, RPGs and action mini games. It features a male player character using dirty hacking skills to conquer or corrupt an unsuspecting girl, with multiple endings based on player decisions and the final status of the characters. The second game is a sequel set on the same “universe”, with a longer story, more animations, more characters, more corruption! The third is another smaller story about new characters in the same universe.
During these games campaigns on Patreon, I was focused on regular monthly releases and constant communication.

At the moment I’m starting to work on a parody game called Goons Raid Her, featuring a simplified mechanics of classic adventure games with exploration, action and adventure! Check the post for more info about the project.

Hack’n Stalk features:

  • Lots of story choices leading to several diferent endings
  • Action minigames games immersed into the story line
  • Full HD interactive and animated XXX scenes
  • An achievement and gallery system to track player progress
Progress: $4,953 of $9,001 per month. The more this project receives, the more I can pay my writer and programmer.


v0.4.1 change log

This version adds the first scene of Chapter 4, in which our heroin will face some trouble at the very first steps of her travel. It’s not one of those big updates, but there are SEVERAL ways to complete the scene including 5 new trophies to track the paths. Some of these paths lead to a hot scene where the girl will have a new kind of experience.
There’s also a new setting labeled ‘HIDE EXPLICIT NTR CONTENT’. This is just a fail safe protection that will change some few ‘harder’ lines and consequences that might offend those averse to this controversial subject. Notice it will only make any difference based on the context of your playthrough!
As always, post any bugs found here and the OSX build will be posted a couple of days later.

– Added first scene of chapter 4
– Added 5 new trophies
– Bug fixes

v0.3.2 change log

Here is release v0.3.2 that completes the missing scenes of chapter 3. It’s a quite short update, so you might even want to skip it if you prefer to wait for a larger batch of new content.
You can now return to Mia the item she was asked for, and the PUSH DOWN sequence of the last scene is implemented. Also, some little details (blood and other fluids) from the previous scene were added.
If you would like to check the added sequence but didn’t lowered her MIND stat enough, here’s a ‘quick’ cheat code:
1- While in the pause screen type ROSEBUD and a little text box will appear at the bottom (HnS2 players will remember this).
2- Click on this text box, type the exact command Lara.CHR_MIND=50 then press ENTER (letter case must match here)
3- Close the pause screen and open it again to check if the stat is updated
4- It might take a few dialogs and scenes until the game ‘accept’ the cheat, so use it some time before the button check appears (before the scene if possible)
As always, please post any bugs found here. Mac version will be posted in a couple of days.
– Completed chapter 3
– Implemented “PUSH DOWN” scene during slab research scene
– Player now can give panties to Mia before ending Chapter 3

v0.3.1 change log

– Added most of the content of chapter 3
– Return home scene
– Mia peep room scene
– Steamy shower scene
– Goddess Slab Research scene
– ‘Happy Hour’ scene
– New trophies added

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