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Here’s my crunched version.

Note: This is an unofficial modified version of this game so if something goes wrong it goes wrong ;)

Image/audio/video quality is reduced to make this smaller. This is not a perfect process and sometimes can break a

game. You’ve been warned so no complaining.

Glassix APK New Update Download [v0.25a] [Gaweb Studio] – Original Size: 4GB

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DISCLAIMER: Glassix APK New Update is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

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Glassix APK New Update Download – Two years after your father’s death, your stepmother moves the whole family to a new town. Your daily life turns upside down when your supposedly dead father gives you some strange glasses…

hread Updated: 2019-10-07
Release Date: 2019-10-07
Developer: Gaweb Studio Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.41.1
OS: Windows
Language: English, French, Russian, Polish, Chinese

glassix apk new update

Glassix APK New Update Download: Did you know? If you become a patron to GawebStudio, you’ll immediately get access to as many as 262 patron-only posts.


Welcome to my AdultGameZone page!

Hi all !

About me :

Gaweb Studio is actually a 33 years old married french guy trying to create fun H games and trying to live out of it to feed his small family. I’ve been on Patreon for more than 3 years now and I’ve achieved quite a lot thanks to this community. I still have a lot more planned and hope you’ll enjoy my creations. I usually lurk on H game forums under the nickname Daedolon. For Glassix, I’m being helped by CarpeNoctem who works on the extra girls and special events.

About my campaign:

My campaign is set on monthly payment. You can expect a monthly release for at least 1 game and sometimes more, usually at the end of the month. The upfront payment is enabled on my campaign, which means you’ll have to pay directly when you pledge and you’ll have access directly to all the content without delay. If you pledge at the end of the month, you might want to cancel your pledge once processed to avoid being charged again when the new month begins.

Progress: 382 of 800 patrons All BETA versions access will be reduced by one tier This means BETA versions of my games will be accessible right away for 5$, after 1 week to 2$ patrons and after 3 weeks to 1$ patrons.


v0.41.1 change log

  • Added kissing command for Kumiko, Utako, Ryoko, Hanae, Fujiko, Yatsumi, Marylin, Eimi, Yae, Emiri, Okimi, Sarah, Shizuru, Kristina
  • English translation, Aiko’s file, improved by Spectre
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed missing translation for Eimi’s chair boobjob (Thanks Son_ic!)
  • Fixed bug skipping day during afternoon class (Thanks Mikilande!)
  • Fixed bug with afternoon gym and swim classes not working (Thanks Salking!)

Two important things for this patch. All girls now have the kissing command available now and the 2 annoying bugs (skipping days as + not working) for afternoon classes.
Thanks for the reports and enjoy!

v0.41.0 change log


  • Added 1 new outfit for Marylin therapy event
  • Added intermediary event to reach Marylin good ending
  • Added Marylin good ending (with pregnancy variant)
  • Revamped the morning senior orgy event
  • In gallery mode, all choices are now displayed if you’ve unlocked the root event
  • Disabled out of date languages (Can be enabled again manually in the config file)
  • Partial completion for sexy suit scenes for Shizuru, Kristina, Kumiko and Utako
  • Added new Kiss command for Aiko, Kana, Rin, Naomi, Ayumi, Saiko, Mitsuko, Hikari


  • Added new afternoon senior orgy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a different winner each time
  • Added new options for Marylin night event
  • Added new options for Marylin therapy event
  • Added 8 pimping events : Shizuru, Ryoko, Fujiko, Yatsumi, Marylin, Kumiko, Sarah, Emiri


  • Fixed bug during morning class on Friday skipping the whole day (Thanks Salking!)
  • Fixed Donation introduction event: Can’t trigger if Anael has not been met yet (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Fixed bug during twins night anal event (Thanks Son_ic!)
  • Fixed bug with twins coming options during anal commands (Thanks Son_ic!)
  • Fixed bug with Mitsuko special option in “Show ass” command for bed and chair (Thanks Harem Route!)
  • Fixed bug with events in gallery not displaying all choices (Thanks OGustavo!)
  • Fixed invalid french language (Thanks Mikilande!)

v0.40.1 change log


  • Added Marylin sexy casual, sexy work and sexy underwear outfits
  • Fixed Marylin sexy clothing issues
  • Reduced coffee stamina regain and increased its cost in the hospital shop to balance it (Thanks TheJohn!)
  • Classroom orgy event now increases suspicion
  • English translation corrected by Spectre Rose (Huge thanks to him!)
  • French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
  • Fixed bug preventing stamina to be regained if sleeping after midnight (Thanks Squark!)
  • Fixed many missing and incorrect translated strings in gallery and events list (Thanks Squark!)
  • Fixed bug in event where you buy Marylin second suit which prevented the event to repeat if you choose the “Nevermind” option (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
  • Removed popup when clicking a choice

So among the changes, Marylin sexy outfits have been readded to the game. All sex related images are available.

A few players reported the coffee item to be OP so I’ve lowered the stamina regain and increased its cost in the hospital to balance it a little.

Finally, there has been a huge english translation correction made by Spectre Rose which I included in this patch which fixes a lot textual issues in the game, mainly in the global events. A big thanks to him.

Let me know if you find more bugs in there, I’ll fix them asap!

Thanks for your time and support!

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