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To bring up the console it is “right shift o”. Not zero but o.

Money = denaro_totale = xxx (xxx = amount you want).
charm = xxx
fitness = xxx
knowledge = xxx
sexperience = xxx
fame = xxx
integrity = xxx
siscug_trust = xxx (trust of sister)
patientname_trust = xxx

patientname_ctrust = xxx (Not tested by me yet.) Thanks to @Scrichta for finding it, says its for the heart (Comfort Level).

Replace patientname with the first name of the person you’re examining.

All of these are listed several time in this thread.

ADD: Added integrity to the list.

Download: Walkthrough 

DISCLAIMER: General Practitioner NEW Update is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

Installation Guide & How-To Download for Android, Windows & Mac

How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Wait for the 5 sec Countdown for the link.
5. Click on the Skip Ad button on the above right of the page.
How To Install Files:
1) Unpack the compressed file with 7zip or equivalent.
2) Start “General_Practitioner.exe” and enjoy!

General Practitioner NEW Update – YLive the everyday life of a General Practitioner: go to the clinic every day and meet new patients, develop your skills through study and manage your clinic and your staff. With dozens of items to buy and an always short budget will you be able to treat your patients in the best way?General Practitioner features a very long and deep storyline which will take you in a world of mistery and deception. Explore the game’s main story while enjoying the other activities available in town. The whole game contains more than 40 hours of gameplay and it’s growing update after update!

Thread Updated: 2019-10-11
Release Date: 2019-10-09
Developer: Patreon
Censored: None
OS: Windows, MAC, Linux
Language: English

general practitioner new update

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Welcome to my AdultGameZone page!

Bruni Multimedia – We make Visual Novels

Bruni Multimedia is an indie studio founded in 2018 with the goal of creating the games we always wanted to play. Specializing in Visual Novel development, we try as hard as we can to deliver something completely new in the Visual Novel videogame industry!
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Why should I support you?
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From the deep simulation and narration to the engaging and varied clinic management gameplay, we’re trying to make a different kind of Visual Novel, something that was never shown before. This goal requires time of course, and the journey to the final release will take several months to be concluded. Delivering something we’re proud of is our main objective with this game and the games that will come.

By supporting my work here you can become a part of our amazing community who have offered invaluable feedback and support over the months. However, remember that the game still has a long way to go. You can expect bugs and missing features to pop up, and we’ll certainly be needing your feedback regarding new gameplay systems and balance.
We want your help to make General Practitioner as amazing as it can be!

What do you mean for “Adult games”? Is there sex and nudity in them?
All of our games feature nudity and adult-related content. This means that sex scenes are present in the game although they are part of the story and not the center of it. When you play our games you can expect to face many sexy situations, but adult thematics will sometimes involve illnesses, drug use and alcohol abuse and other situations not suitable for a young audience.
We can’t show sexual images on this page as part of Patreon’s rules about explicit content.

How long will the game stay in Alpha?
General Practitioner’s Alpha will end on November 2019, with the full game releasing on December! The game features 60+ hours of gameplay and different romance paths and situations to explore.
The Coroner Saga will be released as a full version, not hitting Early Access, starting from May with a scheduled release of each episode after about 3-4 months from each other.

How do you plan to involve patrons in this?
Your feedback is the most important thing here. No, really.
General Practitioner is our first game of many planned ones, its success is incredibly important to us. Without the love and feedback from our community, this is something we would not be able to achieve. We will do our best to communicate with you to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible. We want to be an indie studio you can rely on. We’re all about fun and innovation, and we want you to be a part of it!

Progress: $1,175 of $1,500 per month More Artwork More artwork will be added (CGs, Backgrounds and sprite variations) to strenghten the story.


v0.0.29.3 change log

  • Fixed an issue which caused Katia’s 2nd exam to behave unexpectedly after dismissal
  • Some HEENT exams were unremarkable even if they weren’t supposed to. This has been fixed.
  • Fixes an issue which prevented the electronic store to become available in Vanessa’s path. This also caused the disappearance of Vanessa from the game at some point.
    Please note that not being able to phone Aaron or Vanessa is working as intended: their romance progresses differently than other people and they will appear when required and stated by the game.
  • If the doctor discovers Gloria’s yeast infection it will now be possible to avoid having sex with her
  • Rajesh now has “Legs” instead of “Lefts”
  • Josh’s phone number conversation has been removed from the game
  • Fixed an issue with missing Louisa’s image from the game.

v0.0.27.11 change log

  • Fixed an issue where Netorare/Cuckold conversation with Rita wasn’t triggering properly. This conversation now triggers on November 7th. If your saved game is already past November 7th the only way to fix the issue is load a previous save or restart the game. Sorry for any discomfort this might cause.
  • Evening activities have been reorganized to assign the correct working priorities
  • Spending time with Claudia won’t trigger the “Masturbation” event anymore
  • Fixed an issue where Rita was disappearing from the house if you already ended your line of available conversations with her
  • Spending time with Rita and Elisa while living with them is now available from the right “House activity” menu (not from the house choice screen anymore)
  • Fixed a crashing issue during Rachelle’s 2nd exam
  • Fixed an issue with Lacey’s ultrasound conversation (2nd exam)
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused Claudia’s staff stats to stay on screen even after closing them
  • Fixed a crash when copypasting Dwayne’s ID code into the computer
  • Dwayne Welch has been added to the patient’s codex

v0.0.27.10 change log

  • Fixed an issue where Aaron was becoming the Doctor’s boyfriend even if homosexuality content was not enabled Saved games that were affected by this are automatically updated to disable Aaron’s-related content. Of course if you are already well past that the game could become unstable, I recommend loading a save before March, in-game time.
  • It is now more clear in the game’s choices involving Aaron when they will activate such content
  • Flirting/having sex with gay patients won’t enable homosexual relationships by default anymore
  • “The Higher, The Fewer” and “Three’s a crowd” chapters will now start automatically without the need to go to Ray’s bar
  • Aaron’s bank event will now play only if you are into a romantic relationship with him

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