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I see now. Unfortunately, no. In the base game there is no way to stash girls besides using the brothel or managers.

However, in the code Amaraine states that mods for the game Damsels and Dungeons APK Download are fine as long as they’re free. So I whipped up something that should work for you. I made this with the v1.18.2 link on the front page. As long as you’re using that version, it should be alright


Unzip the contents of the .zip file and copy to your game folder. Pick replace when prompted to do so


Ver. 1.03
Bug Fix:
Some code for a test build of the mod got into the update and was causing problems. Reverted back to v1.01 and reapplied the fixes to make it the same as v1.02. Should be fixed now.
Download Mod (217 MB):    MEGA


  • Gold: gold=Y
  • Mana: mana=Y
  • Attention: attention=Y


  • Strength: roster[X].str=Y
  • Dexterity: roster[X].dex=Y
  • Constitution: roster[X].con=Y
  • Intelligence: roster[X].int=Y
  • Wisdom: none available.
  • Charisma: not available.
  • Sexuality: roster[X].sexuality=Y
  • Hit Points: ???
  • Spell Points: ???
  • Experience: roster[X].experience=Y
  • Affection: roster[X].affection=Y
  • Lust: roster[X].lust=Y
  • Alignment: good, bad or somewhere in-between?
  • Add Trait: roster[X].traits.append(“Trait”)
  • Remove Trait: roster[X].traits.remove(“Trait”)
  • Add Fetish: roster[X].fetishes.append(“Fetish”)
  • Remove Fetish: roster[X].fetishes.remove(“Fetish”)
  • Name Change: ???
  • Class Change: ???

X is character slot number (0–whatever); Y is desired amount.
The names of traits & fetishes can be found in-game using the help menu.

Not sure if traits.append works, because you can add something like: “roster[X].traits.append(“Mega Bitch”)”. . . .

DISCLAIMER: Damsels and Dungeons APK Download is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

Installation Guide & How-To Download for Android, Windows & Mac

How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Wait for the 5 sec Countdown for the link.
3. Click on the ‘SKIP THIS AD
4. You will be redirected to a cloud storage and file hosting service
5. Download your files from there (e.g: MEGA, NOPY, UPLOADHAVEN)
Installation for Android/Windows:
1. Download APK or zipped files
2. Extract the Zip file
3. Just install APK files
4. Play & Enjoy your Game.


damsels and dungeons apk download

Damsels and Dungeons APK Download – In Damsels and Dragons you play a man who is managing a group of female adventurers — 4 at first, but more as time goes on — forming parties, sending them on adventures, getting them magic items, etc. Over time you will gain the affection of your adventurers, learn to cast spells, and engage in acts of lust and perversion.

Thread Updated: 2020-01-05
Release Date: 2019-11-01
Developer: Amaraine Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.18.2 Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

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v1.18.2 change log 

-added more text variety
-added full screen blowjob renders
-a new render that displays after completing each kind of mission
-a new scene featuring Shamira and Khoraja.
-little improvements and bug fixes.

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