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When Images won't load or show up, download, then install the right codec for your os.
When movies won't load or show up, download the webm "DirectShow Filters".
DirectShow Filters:
Olivia and Lisa, Eric Dead 0.6 end:                         Download [SAVED] 
End of 0.7, Erik Dead by Kates mom, Olivia and lisa path:   Download [SAVED] 
Lisa Kitchen Anal:                                          Download [SAVED]
No eric, Alice bj at dinner, Lisa anal, Private punishment: Download [SAVED]
Start of olivia route (her/Lisa's bf gone):                 Download [SAVED]
Eric gone, private punishment:                              Download [SAVED]
Topless yoga path:                                          Download [SAVED]
Lisa gf, yoga:                                              Download [SAVED]
Lisa route completed:                                       Download [SAVED]
Alice fuck:                                                 Download [SAVED]
Eric as a pet:                                              Download [SAVED]
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DISCLAIMER: Big Brother APK Free Download is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

MOD & Extras:

Big Brother APK Free Download- Walkthrough & FAQ

Here there will be walkthroughs or link to walkthroughs. You will also ask any question on how to get X or Y scenes on here instead of the discussion. This is so we can separate these things and thus make it easier for people to get more info.
Here are some hints about gameplay mechanics. As some of you have noticed, some aspects of the game are now easier, and some are harder.
For example, starting amount of money is increased, but cameras are less profitable now. Now you’ll have to prioritize your money.Eric throws a curve ball at you by accusing you in stealing his wallet. How much money he’ll ask from you depends on the amount of cash you have. He doesn’t count the money on your website, so you might want to hold on to them, so Eric won’t take them away from you. Everything depends on your choice, I’m reminding you that you have six possible outcomes (including game over).Now, about his influence and the game over. Here’s how they work: if average influence is over 50% and at least three family members (mom, sisters, Kira) have over 50% level of Eric’s influence then you’ll see a first dialog where you’ll have a chance to convince everyone in giving you another chance. So now you can lose if you don’t keep track of this parameter. Here’s how you decrease Eric’s influence: close encounters with Kira, helping out Lisa with her homework, giving money to Alice and doing your chores around the house. And you can also give mom some money, that will help you too.Some people have asked me why can’t they access their sensual massage skill after reaching 100 points in body massage. The answer is: you unlock sensual massage in one of the opportunities, namely “cunning plan”. After you decide to help Kate you’ll start an interesting chain of events which will lead you to the room with naked mom, which is a spoiler, I guess. Anyway, keep looking.After giving Kate some weed Alice will smoke it for a week, which will give you an access to some interesting event.Of, and another thing: more cameras doesn’t meat more money. Few of well placed cameras are more effective, because viewers aren’t spread around the boring cameras without much action. Which is why it’s better to look for balance between quality and quantity.

While I wasn’t trying to hide anything on purpose, current version does have a couple obscure events. Some of you have already found them, but I’m going to write some guidelines anyway.
You can convince Lisa into going commando around the house in the Boyfriend route. The dialog option opens us after three periodic lessons with Kira. First you’ll have to talk with Kira, then you can try to persuade Lisa. Talk to her when she’s washing the dishes. She might agree if she’ll be in a good mood (very important requirement).

I want to reexplain ways to get rid of Eric and different outcomes. At some point in the Wallet opportunity Max can have a branching conversation with Eric, which can lead to many different outcomes. What some players might not realize, though, is that you can steal his wallet and NOT talk to Eric about it. After paying him up you’ll still have the wallet, which will open an opportunity to find out very important information about Victor Moro. Which will open an opportunity to blackmail Eric. Which in turn will open an opportunity to get closer to mom. And, of course, you’ll be able to get rid of Eric at any time if you’ll decide he’s not worth keeping.

And if you lost the wallet by talking with Eric, you can still get rid of him. You’ll need the help of Kate’s mom. You probably already know that, though. This way of getting rid of Eric might open some new interesting opportunities in future versions of the game (0.7+)

Big Brother APK - Calendar Pictures

So to avoid spam for Big Brother APK Free Download , I’ll make this post the calendar post. It will have all the pics for calendar and it will be updated as new one’s come.
Disclaimer: Calendar pics are a bonus for patron’s, they do not represent any scene in the game.

February:        MEGA
Big Brother APK Free Download
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Big Brother APK Free Download
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January 2018: MEGA
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Huge thanks to the anon who provided these <3

Big Brother APK - Opportunities (v0.9.0.006) (Archived)

Warning by TCMS:
This is more of an informal thread. If you want to know how to get X scene or trigger something use the walkthrough thread.
//–//Hello everyoneHere is the new thread for the v 0.9.XX of Big Brother APK Free Download
Will add soon the new opportunities.
How It Works:
Keep in mind that they will give you information, so they'll spoil the game.
I kept "technical" ingame markers,
You can read as follow :

poss.swap.step.4 = possibility Schoolmate Step 4
Then the step # go from a numbler to 10 or 20, it means that's a branch

poss.swap.step.4 <= Step 4
poss.swap.step.10 <= Step 5, 1st branch
poss.swap.step.11 <= Step 6, 1st branch

poss.swap.step.20 <= Step 5, 2nd branch
poss.swap.step.21 <= Step 6, 2nd branch

The text for each step is the description of what's done to earn it. As a reminder. Opportunities unlock themselves ingame as you progress into them.
I post complete opportunities for allowing everyone to understand how they get into a branch and how get further
You can understand that as a playthrough guide.
I may be able to help you getting somewhere, but it’ll be better if everyone help everybody.
Hidden Cams:
I've found an empty box of a hidden cam. It's probably installed somewhere in the house. I should try to find it, what if someone has been watching us all this time?
I've found the hidden cam in the living room. It's mounted in the wall, I can't pull it out without damaging it. It's not connected to anything, maybe I should look up ways to fix that, it could be useful...
Here's an idea: I could earn some money by streaming live feed from the hidden cam. Too bad I don't really know how to set everything up. Maybe I should look it up on the web?
Well, I've read WebStandards and figured out how to set up my website. I guess that should be my starting point. I'll need some money to acquire a domain, hosting and design template. 100$ should do.
Finally, I have my own streaming website! Now I need to increase my audience to earn more money. And for that I need to advertise my website somewhere, which will cost money. Also, audience will grow when something exciting happens on the stream.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.


Looks like Lisa doesn't know anything about male physiology. She was so surprised by my morning wood, maybe she hasn't even seen porn. Maybe I should give her some sex ed. I'll start by talking to her.

I talked with Lisa and she doesn't respect me enough to listen, I need to fix that before continuing with my lessons. Easier said than done, though. Maybe if I lower her self esteem my authority will increase...
Attention: Your minimum requirement for authority is ?Listens to you

Lisa agreed to my lessons. The problem is, before teaching something to my sister I really need to learn something myself. And of course I can't afford to lose my authority, or she'll refuse.

Somehow Eric learned and hijacked my ?sex ed? plan. I had no choice but to comply. Now he's going to teach her himself... Too bad, I had great plans.

Well, I've offered to start Lisa's education. And somehow she immediately put me in a weird situation. I was supposed to teach her something, but I don't even know how to kiss! I have to find someone willing to help me out. Easy to say ...

I think I have found help, and it's my aunt Kira! It's a bit weird, but she's definitely an expert. And I would be happy anyone will to teach me anyway, and she's perfect! Aunt Kira said we should talk it over in more intimate atmosphere. Like when she's watching TV at night.

Aunt Kira is the best kissing teacher ever! She agreed to teach me sometimes. Who knows, maybe she'll even teach me something more....\n\nNow I can start practicing with aunt Kira and then applying my skills on Lisa. Now I just have to convince Lisa she needs my lessons.

I have talked with Lisa about her training. She have set come requirements I have to fulfill, one of which is ?no touching? rule. Well, it's a start.

I have managed to impress Lisa with my kissing prowess! I may not be a master, but Lisa liked it! Aunt Kira is a great teacher. I need to keep practicing.

Lisa liked my kissing so much she hinted on teaching her something new. I think she wants me to get her some theory. Maybe I should buy some anatomy book so she'll learn about physiology and won't reach so badly on my morning wood or erection around beautiful ladies around me.

I gave Lisa the book that should answer some of her questions. I should've read it too, to be honest, but I was too lazy.\n\nI should ask her about my present in a couple of days.

I have talked with Lisa about sex ed book. Lisa has managed to pleasantly surprise me. She said she liked the book and she wouldn't mind to read something else, namely porn mags. I should order something pronto!

Lisa have took my porn mag but refused to read it in front of me. I guess she's shy? I should fix that. She also hinted on convenience of modern technology. My guess is she wants to look at some porn from her phone. I have no idea how would one go about going around provider's firewall, I should look it up on the web.

Turns out our provider is a tough cookie, but there's another way. I can buy a special hacked SIM card with unlimited Internet option. It will have another provider, so no parental control.

I gave Lisa a new SIM card and now she can browse anything she wants, so now she can watch porn without any limitations. I hope she'll be doing it all the time.

I've came up with a great next step in Lisa's education: I need to lower her shyness! Then I'll be able to convince her to sleep without underwear. At least without top. If I'll manage to do that I'll be able to stare at her tits as much as I want! That would be enough of a reward for all the trouble I went through, and maybe it will get me somewhere even further..

I did it! Lisa agreed to sleep in nothing but panties. She also demanded for me to sleep naked, hoping I wouldn't go along ... But of course it's a good thing for me, now she'll get used to sight of my naked dick in front of her. So, win-win for me! I hope mom won't catch us, I'm not sure I'll be able to come up with an excuse for such behavior.

I have noticed how Lisa was touching herself at night. And I was sleeping in the same room! I pretended I didn't see anything. I wonder where will it lead....

Lisa was touching herself again, but this time she realized I was watching her ... And she didn't stop! She refused my help, though.

Lisa was touching herself at night right in front of me again. And this time I was doing the same. We were doing it in front of each other!
Attention: Further progress will depend on your choice in the ?Classmate? opportunity.

Something incredible happened! Lisa agreed to be my girlfriend! Of course, she has a new set or requirements, but it doesn't matter. What matters is she's my girlfriend now!
I can't touch her, and she wants to keep her virginity, but now I can ... wait, what exactly I can do now?
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Lisa has agreed to be my girlfriend and now she's ready for ... something. But I need to find a tutor to teach us sex, preferably with practical lessons. And I know just the person for the job.

Kira has gladly accepted to teach Lisa and me! Couldn't dream about a better teacher. Now I just have to wait for her visit and see where it will go from here...

Aunt Kira came over at night. In a slutty teacher costume! Lisa didn't like it much, as usual. But I think I've seen some funny spark in her eyes ... Maybe I'll be able to convince her to give the lessons a try?

Lisa's agreed to the lesson pretty quickly. I think she wants them as much as me, if not even more! Now I just tell the news to aunt Kira, so she'll visit us again some night...

I've told aunt Kira about Lisa's change of mind, now I can wait for a first lesson. I wonder what will happen... Will we jump straight to sex of will we have some theory lessons first ... All I have to do is wait now.

Well, that was the best lesson in my life. If we were learning this stuff in schools I'd stay is school forever! Lisa was jerking me off in front of aunt Kira! I've never even dreamed about this happening!
Aunt Kira has given us some homework: we should continue practicing when she's not around. I'm all for this, of course, but I'm not so sure about Lisa.

I've convinced Lisa to jerk me off sometimes. But not for free. I'll have to help her with the homework. But since she'll be giving me a hand, I'm all for it!

Before leaving aunt Kira has told us we should practice several times before getting to the next phase of our education. I can't imagine what will be next. Can't wait!

Second lesson was even better! Aunt Kira gave me a blowjob in front of Lisa! I'm in heaven! Lisa has declined to blow me, though. I'm not even sure she wants to continue our lessons. I have to convince her now.

Well, I've managed to convince Lisa to continue our lessons. Didn't took all that much convincing either. Is she really going to blow me in front of aunt Kira?

Yes! Lisa did it! She blew me and she even swallowed! She showed contempt on every step of the way, though ... Oh well. She has to learn, right? And Kira has told us to practice again! Now I just have to convince Lisa again.

I've made a deal with Lisa to train her blowing skills on me. She's only willing to do this when I'm taking her punishments instead of her, though ... Blowjob is worth it, but loss of the authority is not a good side-effect ... But the reward!\

And I have to do this several times to push our lessons forward.

Fourth lesson was pretty surprising. I had to give some pleasure to aunt Kira and Lisa with my tongue. Luckily, they both liked it very much. Lisa was very embarrassed, but she let me touch her anyway. I wonder what else she'll let me?

Fifth lesson was even better! I fucked aunt Kira is the ass! And we put a buttplug into Lisa! Fucking both of them doesn't seem like such a crazy dream anymore!

Sixth lesson was better still! I still haven't fucked Lisa, but aunt Kira was perfect, as always. And she blew me in the end! I have the best aunt in the world!

Yes, yes, yes! I've done it! I fucked my little sister in the ass! And came ... she didn't like that part at all ... What was I supposed to do, cum? I was dreaming about this for so long ... This was the best day in my life!

I can now invite aunt Kira for the ... special lessons. Obviously, she only does this to fuck and doesn't really cares about education much. And I'll get to fuck Lisa too! My dream has come true!

Something interesting has happened when I was punishing Lisa, she became aroused. But why? Was this because I was punishing her or was it simply because we were alone and she was completely naked?

I've talked to aunt Kira about Lisa's strange behavior. Turns out Lisa's also interested in it, and she, too, discussed it with aunt. I don't know the details, but aunt Kira has decided to help us get to the bottom of this. I think our next nightly lesson should be very interesting.

We had an illuminating lesson where we learned Lisa is turned on from the feeling of helplessness. Does she really like being taken? Don't mind if I do! Now I need to buy handcuffs and have some fun next time we have a private punishment...

I have a great use for the handcuffs: use them on sleeping Lisa, so I can ... use her. And the best part is, she loves it!

I had a conversation with aunt Kira where we talked about Lisa's virginity. Aunt Kira has recommended me to ask Lisa why she's so insistent on keeping it, so that's what I'll do.

I had an interesting conversation with Lisa about her virginity. Looks like she's actually waiting for the one and only ... Or at least she wants some romance in her life. And I think I may have a chance to give her what she wants. But where would I start...?

I've talked to Lisa about romantic relationships and turned her down. This way I keep our games and we can have all kinds of fun. Well, almost all kinds.\n\n\nIf I change my mind I can ask her again, but I should wait at least a week before doing this.

I've decided to try romantic relationships with Lisa. I'm not sure it will lead anywhere, but why not? I just lose my ability to have sex with my sister at any time and I also have to go on dates and give her presents. Best deal ever, right? We'll see.Anyway, the decision is made and I should see where it will lead me. I should start with meeting her at her school around 15:00.

I finally had a good reason to leave the house. I met Lisa after school and we went to the coffee shop. Lisa said she's not sure our romantic relationships will work and she doesn't want to give up our games. So now I have both our games and romantic relationships. Now it's definitely best deal ever.

Lisa and I had another talk and she said she wants to keep our relationships open. Sounds good, I guess.What's more, turns out Lisa has a voyeur fetish and wants to see me fuck someone else. So she's going to try and set me up with Vicky

Lisa got to know Vicky and learned a lot about her. I think Lisa is more interested in my sex life than in her own. I wonder why she cares so much...Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.
Special Books:
Alice is reading some secret books she doesn't want to talk about. They don't look like porn, what could it
possibly be? I should investigate.

I've found a book, but the name is vague and I don't want to waste my time on reading it. I should look it up on the web.

Wow, I was almost right! It's not porn, but it's definitely erotica, and it's not shy either! I guess Alice likes love stories with an erotic touch. Maybe I should gift her some and see her reaction.

Judging by her reaction she liked my present. I should frequent the e-book store every once in a while to look for new releases.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.
Cigarette Smoke
Turns out Alice is a smoker. And she tries to smoke when no one is around. I could use this... Tell mom the truth or frame Alice so mom will figure out everything herself? Or maybe it could improve our relationship? So many options, what should I choose?

Mom learned about smoking and Alice got a harsh punishment. Mom slapped her naked ass in front of everyone. Unfortunately Alice knows I ratted her out so she probably hates me. I'm not sure if I'll ever earn her trust again.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.

Mom noticed smoke but I didn't rat Alice out. I could still frame Alice in a way that wouldn't implicate me.
Or maybe I could improve my relationship with Alice
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.
Lisa is obviously in love in her schoolmate Alex. She told me he has a girlfriend Olivia, the most beautiful girl in the school. I can help Lisa by suggesting her next step.
I can see three options: tell her to forget all about him, suggest she fights with Olivia for him or maybe we could channel Olivia's attention onto someone else...
Oh, and it looks like Lisa only talks about him when she's in a good mood.

I told Lisa to forget about Alex and she followed my advice. She's very upset, but maybe it's for the best? Maybe now she'll focus her attention on someone close and safe?

I convinced Lisa she should fight for her happiness. Now I just have to came up with a plan and reach this goal!

I've come up with an idea that would make everyone happy. Lisa will have to befriend Olivia, introduce me and then I'll seduce her... Well, try to. But if I succeed I'll get a girlfriend and Lisa will get Alex. Now, how would one go about seducing the prettiest girl in school?

I finally have a girlfriend! And this girlfriend is ... Lisa, my younger sister! Sure, our relationship have to be kept in secret and she doesn't allows me much, but Lisa doesn't think about Alex anymore, because she has me now!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.

Lisa has dumped me. Over some stupid unimportant bullshit! How could she ... Fine, I'll find myself another girlfriend. And Lisa can go to her Alex or whomever she dreams about!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.

Looks like Lisa has given up on Alex. Now I have the chance! She also told me she loves buff guys. I think I should start working out. And what could be the better way to do it except in the mornings with my mom?

I think I may actually have a shot with Lisa! She came up with some demands, but I'll manage. All I have to do is keep exercising twice a week and give her a $1000. Easy as pie.

I've met Lisa's demands and gave her $1000. Exercising is no big deal either, only two times a week is easy. She asked for more time to come up with new demands. I wonder what she'll ask next?
Attention : further progression requires some progress in the ?Mentor? opportunity. Also, wait at least couple of days before asking her again.

Lisa learned something about Alex's girlfried Olivia. Turns out she stops acting shy when she's alone with someone. Looks like she's a two faced bitch.
What I care about, though, is the fact Olivia doesn't wear any underwear. Maybe that's why all the guys keep chasing her. This is a great opportunity to convince Lisa to start doing the same.

This time I have learned something even more interesting about Olivia and Alex. Looks like she's loaded. Lisa assumed it's the reason they're together.\n\n\\nI suggested to Lisa she could pretend she's from a rich family too. We already have a nice house, now I just need to get her some jewelry.
Couldn't she see that the guys who are going to chase her family money are not the boyfriend material? At least she'll be happy every time I'll give her some presents.

Lisa told me my presents really attract attention, but unfortunately, not from Alex. Whole bunch of guys are hitting on my little sis! I hinted I could be a good boyfriend, but she took it as a joke. Maybe I should keep giving her presents?

Looks like Lisa gave up. she's not going to chase this Alex guy anymore. And now she's thinking about becoming my secret girlfriend. I'm not sure if she'll agree, but it would be so great!
Attention: a certain progress in ?Mentor? opportunity required to continue. Also, Lisa will be thinking about the offer for a couple of days.

Lisa agreed on my super ?let's break Alex and Olivia up so we can have them for ourselves? plan. For a start we have to figure out how to get close to Olivia. Lisa will try to befriend some guy who likes Olivia, so she will be able to get some intel on her...
I would never come up with this idea, but Lisa not only offered it, she also thinks I'm the one who came up with the idea!

Lisa learned something interesting about Olivia: she doesn't wear any underwear! It's not much, but it's a start. I told Lisa she should talk to Olivia about it. Maybe she'll learn something useful.

My genius super plan is shaping up! Lisa learned why Olivia doesn't wear any underwear, turns out she's from a family of naturists. And she also loves pools, but their one doesn't work for some reason. And Lisa, being a good girl she is, invited Olivia for a swim next Saturday!

I've met Olivia and she's even better than my wildest dreams! She doesn't shy away from her nudity at all! I completely lost my mind and couldn't even talk properly, though. But it's just a start, I'll leave a better impression next time! And I did managed to leave some impression, even if it wasn't my personality, hehe.

I managed to talk some more with Olivia. Turns out she's not as dumb as I assumed. She's funny, cheerful and she has a sharp tongue ... I'd love to taste it....

Lisa and I have decided to invite Olivia and Alex overnight. Olivia loves the pool, and Alex loves Olivia. I think this is a great plan! Let's see what will come out of this...

Lisa says Olivia and Alex will come over if no one else is at home. In other words, we have to be alone, no mom, Alice or Kira...

Olivia and Alex came over. Interesting couple. We spent some time in the tool and they left. Looks like this may be a tradition. Who knows where it will lead us...

This time our meeting was pretty good! First, we convinced Lisa to take her top off! Just the sight of my sister's tits was worth it! Second, Olivia and Alex stayed overnight. Too bad they left so early I missed it.\n\n\nTurns out Olivia is afraid of the dark and sleeps with the lights turned on. And since she also sleeps naked, this makes a great combination!

This time was even better. I've had an interesting talk with Olivia, but the best part happened at night. Olivia blew Alex! With the lights turned on! Is it possible she just wanted to give us a show? Lisa was sleeping, but I didn't miss a thing!

This time Alex's alcohol was ... strange. I guess the pills took their effect. Lisa undressed completely! And we were almost spooning in the bed in our sleep ... And by sleep I mean watching Olivia and Alex fuck while Lisa was jerking me off. This visits are getting better and better!

Lisa undressed completely and flirted with Alex the whole night. They even left alone for some time ... And then she proposed to switch partners for the night. And Olivia has agreed! We slept together, completely naked ... We didn't do anything, though. Olivia is very serious about her relationships, even as doomed as her relationship with Alex.

Lisa told me she heard Olivia and Alex breaking up. Looks like my plan worked! What will happen with our night pool tradition, though?

It's official, Olivia and Alex broke up. Interestingly, they're fine with keeping our tradition, but Alex will come over to Lisa and Olivia to me. Will I finally have a girlfriend? And what will we do all four of us in the same room...?

Olivia is now my official girlfriend! Well, mom doesn't have to know about her, and neither should Alice ... Or Kira ... Whatever, the main thing is Olivia knows!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game. If players will vote for this route, then it will be continued in the next version already, 0.6!
Lisa's grades took a dive. Looks like the new school requires higher level of education. This is a good opportunity to show my knowledge and help out my little sister... Or sabotage her grades and see how mom will punish her. Or maybe ask for something in return for my help? But first I have to talk to Lisa and see her thoughts on the situation.
I talked with Lisa and promised to help with her studies. For free. Just cause. Of course, it's not very typical of me, but I may improve relationship with my sis and earn her trust.
I talked with Lisa and hinted that my help will cost her some... services. She refused me, though. Until her first punishment, that is. She'll have a change of heart after mom spanks her in front of me. Now I just have to fail her homework.
I think I convinced Lisa to listen to me under fear of punishment. Now she's sleeping in t-shirt and panties only. And that's only the beginning!\n\nNow, under pretense of helping I can fail her homework so I can see her get punished... Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to go further?
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.
I noticed Lisa always wearing same one-piece swimsuit. How is she supposed to tan in that? She agrees, but she doesn't have anything else to wear, everything got lost in the moving process. Maybe I can help her out somehow?

At breakfast Lisa hinted to mom that she needs a new swimsuit so she can get a tan.

Mom forgot to buy a new swimsuit for Lisa. Now she has to wait for the next weekend when Eric will take everyone shopping. This time Eric promised to buy one himself. Maybe I should beat him to it?

I got enough money to buy Lisa the swimsuit she wanted. I think she really appreciates it. And Eric can shove it.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.

I couldn't buy Lisa the swimsuit that she wanted before Eric. I think their relationship improved. Too bad I couldn't give her that stupid swimsuit so Lisa would be grateful to me.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.
Looks like Alice is terrified of spiders. And the climate here is very good for that kind of insect... Catching one and dropping it off to Alice should be hilarious! Now how would I get one?

I looked it up on the web, and there's a local type of spider that would be perfect for my goal! It's completely harmless and pretty big. Looks like I can try and catch one in the morning when spiders check their nets for prey.

I've got myself a huge spider, turns out it's quite easy if you know what you're doing. Now I just have to test this monster on my sister. Where would be the best place for my experiment...

Yep, Alice is a huge arachnophobe. Her shrieks were heard by the whole block. If Alice ever finds out I'm the culprit she'll definitely kill me. I hope I die quickly.

Alice is so afraid of spiders she agreed to get naked just so I will kill one in her bed. I'm so lucky spiders keep climbing into Alice's bedroom for no reason ... Anyway, I wonder what else I can get from Alice for killing a spider...

I've killed another spider for Alice and asked her about staying in her room to guard her. She turned me down. I guess she needs more spiders in her bed to change her mind...

I think I may worsening Alice's arachnophobia. Alice is starting to think about letting me into her bed. She still didn't let me sleep in her room, so I think I should keep trying.

Alice has finally let me sleep in her bed! Moment of silence for all the spiders who sacrificed their lives so this tremendous achievement. Step one is over, now I just have to keep trying...

Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.
Alice has told me about her blog and the ?lack of clothes? problem. Now she has nothing to show, nothing to wear in the blog and she's heartbroken. She's desperate for any kind of help, even from me! Maybe I should look on the web for solutions?
After searching the web I learned that the most popular blogs have female hosts, and their popularity directly correlates with the size of their breasts and how revealing their outfits are. I can't really do anything with Alice's cup size, but her outfits... Maybe I should talk to her?
I talked with Alice about her blog and tried to tell her she could advertise lingerie. Amazingly, she agreed. Now I just have to buy her some lingerie, so she'll be able to build a new audience and attract some advertisers.
I gave Alice a cute lingerie set. She loved it. She even tried it on in front of me! I didn't get to see much, but the experience was very exciting anyway. And the best part is, she gave me a hint I could buy her something even sexier!
My new gift didn't quite had the effect I was hoping for. She said she's not going to wear a topless body for a blog and instead she'll wear it for someone, but refused to give me the details. So many secrets....\n\nOh, yeah, she also told me she was approached by some advertiser. They'll send her lingerie and then they'll pay for wearing it! She doesn't need me anymore, though.
As it turns out, she's not going to earn much money from those guys, because the lingerie they send counts as her salary. And she was hoping she would earn big money. I suggested advertising adult toys, but she didn't like the idea. I think she may agree to strip on the camera, though. Now I just have to convince her to do this.
And if I'll manage to do this, it may snowball into something great ... I shouldn't go ahead myself, though.
Finally! I've managed to talk Alice into stripping in front of the camera. To be honest, it kind of seemed she was into the idea herself. I wonder if all women have a this side to them ... This is great news!
She'll start from undressing, then she'll play with herself ... Who knows how far this thing will go?
I've asked Alice about her blog and turns out she has managed to do everything herself. She has found the website, set everything up and even had a trial translation! She's great! I wonder if she forgot to lock the translation on our region, so someone she knows couldn't see it...
Now I have to find her stream ... Maybe I need to install some spying program on her notebook? I should do it when she's not at home, though, just in case.
I've done it! I installed a keylogger on Alice's notebook while she was away. Now I have to wait until she'll go to the streaming site and logs in, then I'll be able to find her!
Now I know the site Alie is using. And her username is Melissa. Kinda sounds like Alice ... I think I should watch her stream from my notebook....
My older sister is flirting with perverts on the Internet ... I've created a account with username Mike and looked around the site she uses. I can chat with her and ask her to do stuff for money! Interesting...
I've managed to convince my sister to completely undress in front of me! Well, in front of Mike ... in front of the camera ... Doesn't matter. What's important is she was completely naked!
They say if a woman is willing to do anything for some money, then she's willing to do everything for a lot of money! Or something...
I did a great prank on Alice! Mike pretended to leave on business and while Alice was waiting for him naked, Max (me) barged into her room! It was risky, but seeing her reaction was worth it! I wanted to offer a couples stream, but she didn't let me finish. I should find a better moment for this conversation.
I've talked with Alice about my idea for the next step in her blogging career, but she told me off. She'd earn a lot more money with my help, especially if I'll be giving her my share. Well, except my sister's sweet ass and gentle lips ... I should keep trying to change her mind.
I've managed to talk my sister into a trial couple stream with me. Will I finally have an opportunity to fuck my sister? I can't wait.
Alice has jerked me off in front of ... someone. The important this is she did it! And she was touching herself right in front of me too! This was a great idea. Now I just need to wait for new clients with more interesting demands. Mayde I'll get more...
Alice has asked me to eat her pussy! Incredible! Well, technically it was her client, but who cares about this semantics...! She smell incredible ... And the main thing is she liked it! I think I saw an unasked question “why did you do this before” in her eyes. I'm always willing to do this again when she wants it...
Yes! I fucked my sister! Right in front of a viewer ... Or viewers. Who cares, I fucked her! Without any alcohol, blackmail or tricks! Just fucked her ... I could repeat it forever!
Alice has laid out some ground rules. No more than one client per day, Alice doesn't want to turn what we have in a routine. So we'll have to have pauses between fucks. This is the best thing that ever happened to me! And the things to come are

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Party Girl
Alice asked mom for a new evening dress. Usually mom would say no, but this time Eric said he'd buy her one on the next shopping trip. I should hurry if I want to beat him to it and give her a present myself.

I managed to earn some money and buy a dress for Alice. Now I have to give it to her before Eric.

Now this is bad luck. I've spent so much money on a beautiful short dress for Alice, but Eric has beaten me to the punch. And of course he got her same kind of dress, so I can't just give mine to her.
Attention:You've almost reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.

Now this is bad luck. I tried so hard to buy that dress, but in the end I didn't even matter. Not surprising, Eric's loaded, he certainly can afford it. Now his relationship with Alice has improved.
Attention:You've almost reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game.

Yes! I did it! I've managed to give the dress before Eric! Alice is grateful, now she can go to nightclubs.
Attention:You've almost reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Lisa told me some juicy secret. Turns out Alice can't hold a drink. Or, more accurately, drinking drastically changes her behavior.
Which is why she never drinks. Maybe I can come up with some idea?

Well, I got myself a box of chocolate liqueurs. They should be subtle enough for sis to miss alcohol. I wonder if that would be enough for her to... change.

Everything worked out fine. And quite... unexpectedly. Can't tell anyone about this. I guess Alice lost her inhibitors and got herself drunk in a nightclub. Let's hope she won't remember anything, or I'm a goner...
Attention: And now you've definitely reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.
I've meat this Eric, mom's boyfriend. Can't tell anything good or bad about him, but I don't like him. He asked me to choose between friendship and war. Now why would I want to be friends with him, what would that achieve? Same goes for war... What could he do to me? Anyway, he gave me a week to think. I guess I'll have to think this through and decide.

Eric is definitely a change for the worse. First, he suggested to send me to some military camp. ?To build some character I have a huge character!\n\nThen he convinced mom we should have a new punishment system. Why couldn't he suggest something good... Anyway, from next week we're going to be spanked in front of each other! Naked! It's humiliating. What kind of pervert would come up with this idea? It will ruin my authority!\n\nI have to do something immediately!

I feel like I've made a deal with the devil. Eric promised to pay me some money and gave me permission to peek after him and mom having sex. On my part, I have to let him corrupt my family. Who knows, maybe he'll let me participate in some action...
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Screw him! I declined his dubious offer and not going to work with him. I won't get anything he offered but my conscience is clear and my family is in my hands!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him ... Like he was never there. And I won't miss him!
Attention:You've reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation!
What was that? Mom just caught me peeking after her having sex with Eric, but before she could punish me Eric told her to stop and she listened! My mom, who wouldn't even let me watch some soft erotica just accepted my presence at that! It's incredible! Either Eric is a wizard or there's something else going on and I have to get to the bottom of that.
But first I have to talk with my sisters and check whether they noticed any changes in mom's behavior.

I am very concerned by my mother's behavior.
I talked with Alice about mom and she had no idea what I was talking about. She also didn't believed me when I told her about permission to watch them when they have sex... I don't know what to do, I guess I should try Lisa next?

I am very concerned by my mother's behavior.
I talked about mom with Lisa and I'm not sure she believed me. She probably thinks I made everything up. Maybe I should talk to Alice?

I talked with my sisters about mom. They agree she changed, but they think Eric is making her happy. Don't they see that mom is completely under his control? I think I need help to figure it out, but who isn't charmed by Eric?
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game. To be continued...

Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him ... Like he was never there. And I won't miss him!
Attention:You've reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation!
Favorite Aunt:
Aunt Kira, mom's younger sister lives with us now. She wasn't exactly shy before, but now she's so ... so ... and she also saw my dick in the first day here! Kind of awkward. And her swimsuit is so open I'm not even sure it qualifies as one. She also said something about my dad. Were they ... close? I want to learn everything.

I've told aunt Kira everything about Eric. I'm not sure she believed my every word, but she promised to look into the situation. Maybe she'll even talk to Eric

My aunt is a porn star! I live in a same house with a porn star! Now I understand why I'm drawn to her so much. She practically emits sex aura!
She also caught me jerking off to her in the shower. It's an awkward situation ... On the other hand, she's a porn star, she's used to that and much more! Not me, though. I have to get closer to her. Much closer.

Aunt Kira have offered me to become her photographer. I have to get myself a camera, though. She probably won't pay me enough to break even on the camera, let alone have some profit, but there's a chance she'll show her gratitude in some other way....

I didn't get any. First, she was almost fully dressed. Some porn star ... Second, she didn't offer me anything kinky for a job well done.

Aunt Kira gave me a choice between the money and more work. I chose the money. I'm not sure if I made the right choice.
She told me if I change my mind I can always give her money back.

We agreed on another photo session next Saturday when no one else will be at home. I wonder what she'll wear next time? Maybe I'll even convince her to pose naked? Ah, if only....

I'm not a virgin anymore. Aunt Kira showed herself to be a passionate woman with unhealthy interest in my cock ... Which I am extremely happy about! Some ropes were involved, but that's makes it even better! I wonder where it will lead us....

I've talked with aunt Kira after my first time and she said she really liked it too, but it was a very special occasion because she's afraid to get caught, which will result in catastrophe.\n\nBut she's open to the
possibility of more sex if no one is around! And so am I!

I talked to aunt Kira about mom's behavior and she gave me a hint about something in mom's past. There was some kind of incident which allegedly explains things, but aunt Kira won't tell me without mom's approval. Or maybe mom will tell me everything herself. Anyway, now I have to go and ask mom about the incident in her past.

Mom definitely won't tell me about the incident. It has to be important, but there's no point talking to mom about it. I guess I have to choice but ask aunt Kira, maybe she'll change her mind and decide to tell me the story after all?

I've finally convinced aunt Kira to tell me about the incident. She told me the what happened with mom when she was a kid. Obviously, the kidnapper gave her some serious psychological issues, which shaped her into the person she is now. And I guess Eric triggered something that makes her act so weird.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.
Kate asked me to get some weed for her. In exchange she'll let me in on her fun with Alice. Looks like the deal is definitely worth it! Where could I get the weed, though?

I did some search about weed, but I couldn't find a simple way to get it. And I can't just order it online. I guess I'll have to ask someone? Maybe Lisa? People push sell in schools, right?

I asked Lisa about weed. She looked at me funny. She disapproves, but that's fine. She said she'll ask around, but she's afraid she'll be expelled if teachers will find out. Let's hope for the best.

I have a good news/bad news situation. Good news: Lisa wasn't expelled. Bad news: she couldn't find anyone stupid enough to sell drugs at school. In any case, this is a dead end. What other options do I have? Maybe aunt Kira? I'm not sure asking my aunt for this is a good idea ... I don't know how she'll react to my question.

Aunt Kira was totally fine, like I just asked her for some gum ... Weird. She said she's going to ask around and will let me know ... Now I wait.

Aunt Kira has told me she knows someone who sells weed online for his close friends. And now I'm one of them! She gave me the the website address, now I just have to order some weed for Kate. I hope it will be what she wants...

Everything worked out great! I've ordered some weed and it was delivered with a normal courier. It was easier than I thought, really. Now I just have to give to Kate and hope she'll hold her end of the deal.

Kate appreciated me as the guy who can get it for you and now I have ... access ... to Alice. I really hope no one will catch me with all this...
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.
Cunning Plan:
Kate has told me that she has no choice but sneak into Alice's room in the middle of the night when my mom isn't home because she'd disapprove of their relationship. I volunteered to help her out. Now all I have to do is simply convince my mom that girl love is perfectly normal.

I probed around to see mom's opinion and she's a bit extreme on this issue. Now I can see why Alice wasn't even trying ... What could I do now? Maybe I should ask aunt Kira?

Aunt Kira was amused by me volunteering to help Alice and Kate, but she said she'll talk to mom. I don't know what to expect ... Last time mom was quite clear she doesn't approve this kind of behavior...

Looks like the talk between aunt Kira and mom didn't went too well. But aunt Kira is still confident she'll be able to help me. She said she'll think more about her next move and worst case scenario there's an ?all in? option ... I'll see what she'll come up with...

Aunt Kira came up with a funny idea. She's really eager to help too, like she's personally invested in this whole thing...\n\nAunt Kira came up with a cunning plan to gradually corrupt my mom. The idea itself is great, but I'm not sure if aunt Kira can actually pull it off...

Aunt Kira has finally solidified her plan, it involves three stages. First, we have to do something with mom's shyness, and for this aunt Kira will try to ease mom into naturism. Second, aunt Kira wants to create juicy situations. And the third phase is the original plan: get mom drunk and sleep with her.
The main problem with the first stage is me. I have to do something so mom will get used to be half naked around me, so I have to learn sensual massage.

I've told aunt Kira I've completed the sensual massage course. She said I should start practicing on Alice while she tans. Then aunt Kira will tell mom I'm good at it and Alice's recommendation will add fuel to the fire.\n\nThen I'll have to find a good moment and start massaging mom. I think the evenings after the shower in her room will be great for this.

Mom has agreed on my massage. I'm not that good, though ... But I'll try! Sooner of later I have to do a good job...
Yay! Mom has enjoyed my leg massage. I wonder if I'll manage to convince her to do something else ... Maybe massage her back, breasts, or maybe even more! Wouldn't that be nice ... But I still have to go on. She has to get used to my hands...
I think mom is ready to try a back massage! She agreed to try next time. I really hope she'll like it ... But even if I fail for the first time, I can always try again, right?

Unfortunately mom didn't like my massage ... What could I do but try again and again? Also, looks like she's getting used to me and lets me to grab, I mean touch, her wearing nothing but panties!

Mom really enjoyed when I massaged her back! I should do this more often. I think I'm on the right path. Just a little bit of progress and ... Hmmm. I already got more than I had hoped for, to be honest. She's wearing nothing but a towel! Well, towel and panties ... Will I manage to get something more out of those massages?

What's better than mom in nothing but panties? That's right, only mom without them! Looks like mom thinks the more she hides her body the more she stimulates me ...She is dead wrong!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Aunt Kira came up with another crazy idea about some carpet syndrome. I don't know what kind of disease doesn't let you jerk off ... If I'd actually had something like this I'd be really perverted, I'd probably go completely bonkers...

Anyway, for now I just have to wait couple of days until aunt Kira talks with mom.

Incredible. I still can't believe aunt Kira has managed to convince mom to help me out ... I guess there's only one way to find out ... But if this works I can't even begin to imagine how to repay aunt Kira back.

I have no words ... Mom is so good ... so gentle ... She obviously has a lot of experience in this. Life's good! I wonder what kind of syndrome do I need so she'd ... you know...

Aunt Kira and I suddenly remembered why we started the whole plan in the first place. Originally we wanted to convince mom her daughter can date a lesbian in our house ... But then we kinda lost focus ... Not without aunt's personal interest, of course. Now that it's done, we can finally reach the original goal.
Aunt suggested to talk with my mom about Alice when we'll be watching the right movie. I should give it a try.

Well, that went well. I didn't expect everything working out so incredible! We didn't see much of a movie, and mom wasn't really surprised to learn about Alice. Maybe she suspected it already? The important thing is mom gave me a handjob right in the lounge, and she was completely naked! Someone could walk in on us, that would be fun...
Now I have to ask something from Alice. I didn't do all this hard work for nothing, right?

Ha! I tricked Alice into a great deal! Now she's have to walk around the house bottomless! I can enjoy the sight of her beautiful ass any time! I'm a genius! Now I just have to ask something from Kate. She was the one most interested in her legalization...

I've managed to get one visit per week from Kate. We'll see how exactly are they going to pay me back. But now I definitely won't be tied to a chair. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be the one in charge...

I definitely like the change! Girls showed me a lot of gratitude. Well, mostly Alice did. I'm not complaining, though! We'll see what they'll do the next time...

Now this was a nice surprise! Turns out Kate isn't as hardcore lesbian as I thought! She had some guys before ... but the best part I fucked Kate! Right in front of my sister! I guess they have a lot to learn about each other...

I definitely like the new deal! I can ask Alice to blow me or I can fuck Kate. I'm living in a fairy tale! I can only do this once a week, but it won't get too repetitive! I think I'll be able to get more from them ... Much more. Eventually
This is bullshit! Eric is fucking my aunt! And she obviously gave her consent! What the hell is going on? I have to get to the bottom of this quickly!

I've asked Eric and he sent me to aunt Kira. He said she may not even tell me what's going on ... I fucking hate him so much!

I've talked to Kira and turns out Eric is blackmailing her, so she's doing it for me! She's afraid if Eric will show the video then I'll go to the camp and she'll get thrown out of the house. And mom probably won't forgive aunt Kira after that. Anyway, I should talk to Eric and try to fix the situation.

Somehow Eric turned out to be even bigger asshole than I thought ... He clearly isn't going to stop having sex with Kira ... Except one option I can't
possibly choose ... He's willing to shift his focus on Alice, if I'll tell him a way to get close to her ... What should I do?

I've decided to sacrifice Alice for Kira. I'm regretting this already ... But ... I don't know. Anyway, I've told Eric about Alice's alcohol weakness. Eric was happy and told me he won't touch Kira anymore. What have I done?
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

I've made a deal with Eric. He shouldn't touch Alice, Lisa or Kira anymore. Now he'll focus his entire attention on mom. Not the worst deal, to be honest.
He's an asshole, but he keeps his word. Let's see how long he'll be able to hold himself in check, since my sisters love to flirt without thinking about consequences...
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him ... Like he was never there. And I won't miss him!

Attention:You've reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation!
I fucking hate Eric so much! He has accused me of stealing his wallet! And he claims there was such a huge amount in there, I can't
possibly give it to him ... He said I have a week to give him his money back. What should I do?

I've talked to Kira and she pointed out the fact that I, allegedly, stole the wallet I've never seen in my life! Which means I just have to find it. Either Eric has lost it or he hid it and he's blaming me on purpose.
Maybe if I'll sneak into their room at night while they are sleeping I'll be able to find it?

It was a decent plan, but Eric woke up when I was rifling through his stuff ... I think he has figured out what I was trying to do. I'm not sure I have any chance to save my money and prove my innocence anymore ... Maybe I should talk to Kira again?

Looks like aunt Kira always has a great plan for any situation. She advised me to buy some sleeping pills and a beer, then pretend I'm offering peace and give him a beer with sleeping pills inside. I'm not sure if I'll manage, I need a lot of agility for this...

I have found it! Just as I thought, Eric had his wallet all along! But there was no money inside. Only the driving license on some Victor! I wonder what I could do with this situation ... I think I just hit a jackpot!

I've asked Eric about Victor Moro and the ID ... He offered to give up on my sisters, aunt and he'll say that he found a wallet in exchange for his wallet, all my money and me letting him do anything with my mom ... I refused. Now I owe a lot of money, everyone thinks I'm a thief, he won't leave my sisters alone ... And he took his wallet and ID! This sucks...

Eric and I have made a deal. I won't mention Victor Moro, I gave him all my money and I'll let him do anything he wants with mom. For all this Eric has left my sisters and aunt alone. Also, he told everyone he has found his wallet.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

I've exchanged the wallet for my money. The conflict about the wallet is over.
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Eric has demanded his money back, and I had to give it to him, in front of entire family like I'm some kind of thief. I hate him so much. Why couldn't I came up with something? I feel like a loser...
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.

Eric has demanded his money back, and I had to give it to him, in front of entire family like I'm some kind of thief.
What Eric doesn't know, though, that I have his wallet and ID. I guess he thinks he lost it, and it's not like he can accuse me in stealing his ?already stolen? wallet...
I'll definitely get to the bottom of this Victor Moro situation...

What the hell!? I've listened on a very bizarre Eric's phone conversation. He spoke to some woman and called her “honey”!? And he called my mom bitch? I'm going to fucking kill him! I have to tell someone right away. Maybe aunt Kira?

I've told aunt Kira everything about Eric's ID ... or, more accurately Victor's ID. Anyway, she took this seriously. She took the ID and promised me to find out whether it's real, and some information about him. Now I just have to wait a bit.

Aunt Kira has confirmed the ID is real, which means this bastard isn't even Eric, he's Victor Moro. That's all she could find, though. Thankfully, she knows a guy. She gave me some contact information of a hacker who can find anything.

I've talked to the hacker. Shady guy, but he didn't ask for any money in advance. I gave him all the info on ID and he promised to get back to me tomorrow. His standard fee is $500, if there's nothing criminal. I wonder what will he find?

Jackpot! Oh, the information that hacker gave me ... Now I can do with Victor whatever I want! I can demand anything I want or I can get rid of him through the contact the hacker gave me. Only I decide his future fate! Finally! Now, what would be the best next move...

Yes! I've done it! Looks like Victor has really crossed some wrong people. We won't bother me or my family ever again!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation!

That's it, this bastard Eric ... Victor is mine now! He won't be causing any problems anymore and he'll do everything I do from now on. For a start he left my family alone, I'll think of something else later. And if he'll every try something funny I can always get rid of him by ratting him out!
Attention: You've reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation!

Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him ... Like he was never there. And I won't miss him!

Attention:You've reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation!
New Job:
Kira has shown mom's photos to the right guy and he liked them. Now mom has to go do a casting for a porn studio! She'll have to do it with Kira! Of course, mom would have to get ready for this ... by having a trial casting in front of a live audience - me!
Everything is going great! Kira has managed to seduce mom. I think they both loved it. Now they have to just do the same thing in front of me! They won't have to ask me twice to watch ... Kira said I should go to them Thursday night.
It was incredible! Mom was totally fine with fucking her sister right in front of me! I think the idea got her even hotter! Anyway, I'm willing to watch them forever! And not just watch...
Now I just have to wait for a good moment to do the casting. Kira said she'll let me know when everything's ready...
I've talked with mom about the casting. She thinks it was a disaster, but everyone from the studio liked it ... Which is great! Looks like mom will be able to earn money with this! Which means I'll probably get something too!
I've talked to aunt Kira about casting. She's certain everything went great! Everyone loved mom, she was convincing and she has every chance to have a great career.
But the most interesting topic of the conversation was the suggestion to do porn for me! Maybe they'll even pay me, but I'm willing to pay the money myself to fuck some actress!
Aunt Kira gave us some not so good news from the studio. Turns out practically everyone is busy with some mega project. She was asked to do it too, but she turned down because she wants to try herself in a director's seat. I wonder what will come out of all this?
My aunt is incredible! She wants to make a video with her, me and ... my mom! All of us together in porn! And she gave me the text I have to memorize if I want to get the whole payment. Here are my lines:
- I'm home, mom! I had a class canceled...
- Where are you, mom? I wanted to talk to you...
- I guess mom is upstairs and didn't hear me...
go quietly
Looks like mom is mad at our maid, she looks busy ... I should wait till they finish
(...wait for a right moment...)
- Mom and Martha? I wonder if dad knows...
- Okay, mom
- What would father think about it?
- You can try to convince me to be quiet ... somehow
- So you want Martha to ... convince me right in front of you?
- You can show how much you need it
- Too early to say, depends on Martha
- That's not very convincing...
- That's better!
- Yes, he doesn't have to know anything ... today
Well, what can I say ... I fucked my aunt ... In front of my mom! The story was pretty basic, but who cares about the plot in porn, right?
Aunt Kira has told us good news. Mom has earned $2000! I think she just gave mom her own share ... I didn't get as much, but so what? I'd pay even more to be able just to watch, but I did a lot more ... I fucked my aunt right in front of my mom!
The story is getting better! Aunt Kira has said the director wants us to make a whole series of movies like that with an incest genre. And the best part we need a young actress to play my sister. I wonder who could that be...
Kira has another idea about the next movie. And this time I'll do it with mom. I guess this time she'll do more than just look ... Except mom's not too hot on the whole idea. When did that ever stopped me? I just have to change her mind...
Yes, I've convinced mom to do porn with me! Now I have to report to aunt Kira.
Aunt Kira thinks we should have a test to make sure mom will actually go through with it on the set. Of course, I'm not against the idea of mom sucking my cock, why would I be? I'll just have to be in her room at the right time. Thursday night at 3 A.M., here I come!
Everything's ready for the shooting. Now I just have to memorize my lines:
Isn't mom supposed to be alone? Dad should be at work...
This is mom's colleague ... What's his name, Boris?
So, he's afraid of his wife, huh? I have an idea!
What if I send a text to his wife? Let's see...
It worked! He left my mom tied up!
(Use a situation I wonder what that means?)
I loved it, mom!
What can I say ... Second movie was great! I don't know how good was my acting, but making it felt incredible! I face-fucked tied-up mom! Unbelievable!
Aunt Kira has told us the new movie is even better than the previous one. We should all get together at 9 P.M. Friday to watch the movie together. Two beautiful women watching porn with me, let's see where it leads us...
The movie was great, but Alice has caught us in the middle of watching it. Wasn't she supposed to be in the club? I guess she changed her schedule because usually she goes with aunt Kira, who didn't go this time. In any case, it was kinda awkward...
Looks like aunt Kira has this under control. I don't know how she's done it, but not only Alice isn't freaking out about mom sucking my cock on camera, she wants in on the job! I have the best family in the world!
Aunt Kira had another idea for a new movie, but she decided to keep everyone in the dark. All I know is Alice will be debuting as my sister. We'll see what I get this time...
Aunt Kira said I need some props for the movie, slutty school uniform for Alice. Oh, also heels and stockings. I should talk to Alice about it.
Alice liked the idea with the uniform, but she's not going to provide any of her stuff, even shoes and stockings. I'll have to buy everything, but at least I won't have to worry about Alice biting my head off for ruining her clothes after the movie.
I bought everything for the movie. Alice liked it and took it from me
Everything is almost ready, I just have to wait until aunt Kira writes the script. I hope I'll understand what the movie will be about then...
Aunt Kira still wouldn't say any specifics about the movie ... Anyway, here are my lines:
(one surprise)
(3 denials)
- But mom...
- I don't have anything under the towel!
- But my sister is right here!
- But mom...
- Can't you turn around?
- Ow, it hurts
- It's because you're watching. It's not my fault...
- Wait, mom!
- It's her cigarettes!
- I'm telling you, it's hers!
- I'm telling you, it's all her!
- Thanks, mom
- Do you mean...
- Fine, you're forgiven
I think the last movie we made is the best one yet. I definitely loved making it! I understand why she didn't tell me anything beforehand, there's no way I'd act surprised as believable as I was when I first heard what's coming. And I really liked how mom ... helped me out in the end. It felt so great I came in Alice's ass almost immediately. I wonder if it was in the script...
Alice didn't like her role much. Told me she can barely sit. What, I was just following my script ... Maybe she didn't deserved so much punishment, but at least the movie should be great ... Fucking my sister's ass for the movie is a sacrifice I'm willing to make...
I've talked to mom and found out the finishing touch was her idea. It felt incredible! I'm so glad mom had this initiative. I have the best mom ever!
Aunt Kira loved our work too. Especially mom's idea. Now I have to wait for the money and aunt Kira will start working on our next project. I wonder what's going to be in it...
We got plenty of money for the movie. Alice is especially happy, she always needs the money for one thing or another ... Now aunt is thinking about our next project. And now that our family is so ... open, it should be pretty good ... So far every next movie is better than the last one.
Hot Coffee:
I met an interesting girl Vicky while I was on a date with Lisa. Lisa decided to help me out and got to know her to learn something useful.
Vicky is looking for a new chef. I'm not sure I can just learn a new profession and impress her, but Lisa thinks I should try, so...
Oh, and I can leave the house to meet Lisa or go to the coffee shop to Vicky.

I went in the coffee shop and talked to Vicky. She's a cheerful nice girl. She said she's also looking for a bartender. I had I good time and I don't think I'll have to learn anything to get closer to Vicky.

Well, I was wrong. Vicky was just flirting with me without any desire to go further. Now I think becoming a bartender might be the only way to get close to her. Maybe I will be able to do something once we're both behind the counter? Now I just have to learn to become a bartender somehow ... Where do I even start? I should ask Lisa.

I got a lucky break for once. Lisa said she heard one of her classmates talking about some online bartender classes. She promised to learn more and tell me the details. Another good thing is Vicky probably won't be the only one appreciating my bartender skills. I'm sure I'll get an opportunity to use it around the house.

<i><b>Attention:</b> You've reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game.</i> DATE WITH LISA
I finally got a good reason to leave the house! Lisa wants some romance in her life and I'm going to give it to her. I hope. I should start with a first date, right? For that I should meet her at her school around 15:00. Oh, I should have some money, at least $20.
I can go on dates with Lisa in any school day, around 15:00. I shouldn't do it too often, though, or she'll get tired of me. And I should have at least $20 for a coffee. VICKY'S COFFEE PLACE
Lisa wants me to date Vicky. I don't know why she's interested, but I'm game. I should go to Vicky's some time around lunch. And I should have at least $20 for a coffee or two.
I can go to Vicky's coffee place any time I want. And by any time I mean from 12:00 to 17:00. And I should have $20 for a coffee or two.

Big Brother APK - Improvements Mod (Maim Lain)

Big Brother APK – Improvements Mod
Updated: August 22nd
Game/CreatorBig Brother APK / Dark Silver
ModderMaim Lain
Game Version: 0.13.7First, I would like to point out that this isn’t a cheat mod. This mod removes a lot of the grinding and RNG from the game big brother dark silver apk to make it more fair and less tedious. It allows for a normal playthrough without cheating but makes the game easier so you don’t waste time or miss out on things due to unlucky RNG. There’s still more changes that I’m planning to add to the mod when I have time.
-The stat increases from peeping on the girls in the morning while they shower is no longer decided by RNG. You now always get +1 Stealth and +1 Persuasion when you peep.
-If the mom catches you while you are peeping in the morning you don't lose influence anymore and don't get punished.
-A hint has been added to show where Alice hides her cigarettes in her room.
-Persuading Lisa that her homework is correct after you purposefully make a mistake will always succeed.
-If you hide a spider in Alice's bed at midnight she will now always see the spider and ask you to kill it instead of only seeing it sometimes.
-Alice always gives you $10 to kill a spider if you ask for money. (her mood still decreases)
-A few grammar and punctuation mistakes were corrected.

Just unzip the mod and put the “Data” folder from the mod in your Big Brother folder.

Download: BigBrother_MaimLain .zip

Big Brother APK - Untold Stories v0.13 Part 2 (Bauchnabel) XMAS 2018

This mod adds story-content to the original game by @DarkSilver and is supposed to continue the original story.
Content of this mod starts in original game version v012, a savegame to start is provided in this post. This is Lisas Mentor path, so olivia will be introduced later!In “Untold stories” Ann is starting a amateurporn career besides her job in Kiras company. Of course Max has to help her and so they do to have some training before. Kira is helping them of course!
Their first training is nude dancing and this training lessons leads to some action of course!
Mom and Max are big brother channel 5 app apk practicing new stuff and use this when they do homevideos.
Making homevideos is a repeatable event that will be developed further!Alice wants to have fun too and give Max a mission: She wants to have a lesbian threesome with Kate and her own mom. To enable this Max will have to manipulate his mom a lot.Lisa wants to do much more lessons and wants to learn everything about sex Max and her Mom can teach her. This will lead to hot scenes in this family!To make Ann more open minded they are visiting a swingerclub and our heroes will meet a lot of new people!”Untold stories” starts at v.012 of BB Content. A savegame is provided as attachment to this Post!
For the best game experience i strictly do NOT recommend to copy a savegame from original game or from other mods!Version 013+ is in work!

Updated: Dec 10th, 2018
Game/Creator: Darksilver
Modder: Bauchnabel
Mod Version: 013.2
Game Version: v.013
Language: english

- A lot of scenes that add content to original story
- porngenerator for making homevideos, player can choose between various sexgames
- New cheat for less grinding: Tell your family while breakfast or dinner how much you love them to make them all happy!
- walkthrough for "untold stories" content in Laptop / mod-menu
Download Base Game v.0.13 + Crack from OP

Download all files from my folder:!OSZ30SQa!qLoQ61kRI0ZWCabMnE1oJA

Copy mod-files in your new BigBrother directory.
Don't use a other Assembly-CSharp.dll ! Use this provided with the mod!
- Max gets his scooter and can visit the Dojo - 4 Dojo Scenes
- New scenes for sibling fun at night!
- Some dialogue scenes
- Some Christmas Scenes! Sing Christmas songs!

+ added hints in walkthrough
+ Fixes 11.12 .18. Let's watch porn

Walkthrough changed a bit

** 14.11 ** fixed
Lets watch porn
How to play this mod:
Starting mod content:
Open laptop in Max's room, choose "mod", watch the "prequel story" - if you want to start faster, read "chapter 4". A flag will be set, so you can start ingame events.

You have to do 2nd afterwork massage for Mom at 0.00 before you can see the mod-content.
You can use my savefile if you want:

My savefile
starts at thursday 23.00 [ Usmod1 = 1 if somebody wants to know]
You already have lotion, so go to Anns room and give her a massage
Monday after work ( tuesday 0.00) next massage for Mom.
Tuesday 21.00 Watch TV with mom + Talk about amateurporn.
Wednesday 21.00 Watch TV with mom + About dancing.

See walkthrough in mod menu for following events

Download: Big Brother APK: Untold Stories

Big Brother APK - Image Preview Menu (v0.13.0.007) (hello8008135)

Hello Everyone,

I first want to say that I know this mod isn’t really necessary since we already have Big Brother APK Image Extractor but I felt like having an alternative option to view images from Big Brother APK Free Download was something that people might find big brother camera security apk somewhat interesting or useful. And that is what this mod is, it creates a new option in the notebook which allows you to pick any image in Big Brother APK Free Download (version 0.13) and preview it.

The names of the images in the menu are the same as the file names in the “Image” directory so it can be quite difficult to find the image you want unless you remember the name or are able to understand the somewhat cryptic file names. To reduce load times and make the whole thing stable, the menu is split into 196 different menus which hold 10 images each (1975 different images). Navigating through the images is easy and quick which can be achieved via the next and previous options.

1. Download "Mod.txt" at the bottom of this post (It may open in a new tab so either right click on the link and click Save link as... or left click on it and right click and click Save as... (CTRL + S). Make sure the file is being saved as Mod.txt and not 75361_Mod.txt)
2. Move "Mod.txt" into the game directory (Same place where BigBrother.exe is)
How To Use:
When you're in the MCs room, turn on the laptop and then choose the first option titled "Images Menu". When you've done that, find the name of the image you want to view, click on it, wait and it'll appear. Remember that pressing the 'h' key will hide the UI
Version 3 (Current)
Full support for version 0.13
The 127 new images have been added to the Image Preview Menu totalling up to 196 menus containing all images in the game.
The profile pictures and icons of the characters are now no longer viewable because I didn't rewrite it back into this version (Sorry). Although this is very little content as it is just the faces that display with the text in the story, I understand people want the full content so if me and this game are still going by next version, i'll add it back in then.

Version 2
Images have been split into 185 different menus giving a major boost in performance
Images now have a 'next' and 'previous' option which advances to the next or previous image which makes browsing the images more efficient

Version 1
Adds new option in the laptop which contains all of the image names
The images are viewable when the options are clicked on
It WAS super unstable
I’m interested in what people think of this or if anyone will use it. It doesn’t matter if no one thinks it’s useful because this was more of a challenge that I set myself which I thought was worth an upload on here. I may update this mod as new versions of Big Brother APK Free Download are released but this isn’t a promise so apologies if this doesn’t happen.

Download: Mod.txt

Big Brother APK - Custom Cheat Menu (v0.13.0.007) (RazorX)

Hey guys here is the custom cheat menu for big brother apk i did based off Ikaru’s cheat menu. I have went through and cleaned up, reorganized, tested and added extra stuff to it including a way to cheat in items (any item in the game) as well as added the missing items to the express delivery option i also added other stuff too.
Each option has been tested by me but if you do have any issues let me know also this has been tested with a clean v0.13.0.007 setup big brother apk latest version and it works perfectly all you do is cheat the laptop and you should see the cheat menu option at the top.Just extract the Mod.txt into the same directory as the BigBrother.exe and you’re done.Updated On: 14/01/2018
New Items:

School Girl Movie – Starring Mom
Anesthetic Lotion – For Massaging Moms Ass In The New Scenes


Big Brother APK - Some Mods (v0.13.0.007) (wiomn)

To show my gratitude for all the great work that is being done here, I’ve decided to make a small contribution. These changes are not tested in BB 0.10, but should work there as well.

# Remove Web-book after use (simple version)! Now I have my own website and domain! It remains only to connect the data flow from the camera with streaming service...!set_item.webbook1_-4^Configure site's functionality​

# Remove Web-book after use and add other cameras at website setup! Now I have my own website and domain! It remains only to connect the data flow from the camera with streaming service...^<i>configure camera and website</i> What's this... Working cameras in all the rooms? They must be really well hidden. I'll take a look at them later.!set_item.webbook1_-4!set_cam.0.status_1!set_cam.1.status_1!set_cam.2.status_1!set_cam.3.status_1!set_cam.5.status_1!set_cam.6.status_1!set_cameras_7^<i>check everything</i>

# Alice and Lisa taboo for Eric from start that's what you want. Let's hope these are emotions talking. You have a week to change your mind. Then we'll talk again and it will be clear what kind of relationship we'll have.
0~leave!getbackliza!set_erictaboo_1!freealisa!move_pool!set_eric.level_0!time^<i>keep quiet</i>'m really glad. You won't regret your decision. Well, your mom is almost ready, so it's time to wrap this up. We'll return to this conversation next week

alisa.blo.15@22@Yes, Max. And the number of people willing to pay for this thing is lower then the number of people willing to do this. Which is my main problem, competition. But I'm willing to try if you'll buy me a new lingerie
0~leave!ericbuyalisa!set_poss.blog_3!freealisa^Will see...

# Eric influence increase at dinner (to compensate for less influence from taboo)

dinner.default.eric@60@z-dinner-family-2@Good evening everyone and bon appetit.
0~tier<2&mom.mood>150&leave!add_mom.inf_5!add_alisa.inf_5!add_liza.inf_5!time^Yeah, bon appetit.
1*tier<2&mom.mood<151&leave!add_mom.inf_10!add_alisa.inf_5!add_liza.inf_5!time^Yeah, bon appetit.
2*tier>1&mom.mood<151&leave!add_mom.inf_15!add_alisa.inf_5!add_liza.inf_5!add_kira.inf_5!time^Yeah, bon appetit.
3*tier>1&mom.mood<251&mom.mood>150&leave!add_mom.inf_10!add_alisa.inf_5!add_liza.inf_5!add_kira.inf_5!time^Yeah, bon appetit.
4*tier>1&mom.mood>250&leave!add_mom.inf_5!add_alisa.inf_5!add_liza.inf_5!add_kira.inf_5!time^Yeah, bon appetit.

# Catching spiders gives Dexterity increase

max.canfindspider.find@4@e-spider-found-1@Gotcha! Excellent...
0~leave!set_item.spider_-5!time!set_dcd.canfindspider_2!max_poss.spiders_3!add_skill.dex_1^<i>take the spider</i><i>Great! Get ready, Alice!</i>

# Punishing or talking about Kate do not disable other tv watching options for Alice
# Extra Leave option don't know, some crap. I'm just relaxing, so I'm just jumping between the channels.
6~kow=3&dcd.kow=0&07.adc.0!set_dcd.alisatvtogether_0^ I want to talk about Kate
8~spun.alisa>0&08.eak.0!set_dcd.alisatvtogether_0^ Punishment time!
*leave!set_dcd.alisatvtogether_0^ To bad. I'll go and do something else then.

# Always allow entry for punishment when Alice is doing her blog

alisa.newblog@121@<i>Alice should be working on her blog now. Usually she doesn't close her door...</i>
1~blop>0&blop<3&spun.alisa>0&alisa.newblog.knock^<i>knock on the door</i>
3*blop>2&dcd.blop>0&spun.alisa>0&alisa.newblog.knock^<i>knock on the door</i>

# Remove weed when no longer needed

07.add.12@159@Don't worry, you'll love it. But only once a week, the world doesn't revolve around you.
0~item.ganja=-5&07.add.13!set_item.ganja_-4!add_dcd.alisa.smoke.ganja_7^So I don't need this any more? Here... Have fun with it.
1*item.ganja>-5&07.add.13!set_item.ganja_-4^And without giving you weed, right? Deal!​

# Olivia visits Lisa on saturday and sunday afternoon (use this on Lisa GF path only!)
# First visit is triggered by first delivery on a saturday 10 days after starting Lisa GF path or 10 days after arrival of aunt Kira, whichever is later decided that if you'll meet my requirements...
0~tier<2&!set_count.fiz_2!set_liza.fiz_1!set_dcd.oli_19^You'll be my girlfriend!
1*tier>1&!set_count.fiz_2!set_liza.fiz_1!set_dcd.oli_10^You'll be my girlfriend!

specialevent.4@75@e-meet-eric-1@Hey, kids, come over here! Meet aunt Kira!
0~oli.step>0&leave!delivery^Yep, that's what I ordered. Thanks!
1*oli.step<1&poss.swap<21&leave!delivery^Yep, that's what I ordered. Thanks!
2*oli.step<1&poss.swap>20&dcd.oli>0&leave!delivery^Yep, that's what I ordered. Thanks!
2*oli.step<1&poss.swap>20&dcd.oli=0&day<6&leave!delivery^Yep, that's what I ordered. Thanks!
3*oli.step<1&poss.swap>20&dcd.oli=0&day=6&!delivery^Yep, that's what I ordered. Thanks!, Max, meet Olivia. She's a friend from school.!set_can.seeolivia_1^Hi, I'm Max.<i>And why would she say that thing about Alex? Was that a hint? Or maybe she's just not very bright? Although, with her looks it doesn't matter anyway. I can't lose her, she's perfect!</i>
0~leave!olicome!can!lock^ <i>leave</i>, Lisa's back. Well, let's talk another time, Max...
0~leave!lock^ Yeah...​

Big Brother APK - Seduction Mod (v0.3.1b) (Maxxronoa)

A mod for Big Brother APK version 0.10. It’s about Max corrupting Ann and his sisters, and to have his way with them. It has multiple stages, more like an extended version of the story.

The scenes weigh heavily on Ann’s mood and her lust. Max can not go on fucking her every day. She knows how to reject him if they have just had some fun a few days before big brother adult game apk or if she is not in the mood to do so (less than awesome). So, Max must build up her lust by seducing her. Get her to give Max a handjob/blowjob and Max can give her a sensual massage big brother after dark apk whenever possible without neglecting his duties around the house. Starting from version 0.2, there is a day gap before Max can make a move on her. (….. More in the spoiler)

Version 0.2 adds Alice into the story. There is no lust, but there will be a few days gap before making a move on her again while avoiding Kate. And it depends on her mood as well.

Version 0.3 is the continuation from chapter 2. It adds a new element with regards to Alice and Kate.

Starting point – The ability to sleep with mom (Towards the end of BB 0.9 main stories, you should be able to enter mom’s bedroom at night. Just keep doing so and the mod will start after sometime.)

Note :
There will not be any walkthrough because it is a short story, and hints are being given in the dialogues and Max monologues. It can be summarized into 3 major parts.

Part 1 – Ann story
First half is seducing her and the next half is getting intimate. Scenes will be in her bedroom, bathroom and living room.

Part 2 – Alice story
The whole story is trying to get intimate with her while partnering in her training.

Part 3 – Complexity
This chapter expands on an often-forgotten character in the game.

Hidden scenes – There are short, extra stories to spice things up after you have completed all the stages. Certain conditions must be met to trigger the scenes. So, doing the usual hot repeatable scenes will make it worthwhile.

Ann's lust level, and mood for both Ann and Alice play an important role in this mod. They need to be in awesome mood (For most of the triggers) before they are willing to do anything explicit with Max. There is also a time gap or break period applied to add immersion. They need to rest as well, right?

When seducing them, check if there is any random % next to the option. If there is none when you get rejected, it probably means that a certain requirement is lacking, either mood or you need to give them a break.

You can get a hint from their responses. If mom says they've had fun not too long ago, means her lust is not high enough. Not in the mood is self-explanatory. While being tired is Alice's response to make you distance yourself from her for a while. So, give her a break.

If you are stuck on a particular stage or forgot what to do on the current stage, try to use the help menu. It will highlight the important dialogue from previous stage that will give you a clue on how to advance. Otherwise, post the stage you are on in the forum and someone will reply with a more direct instruction.

And if you are too lazy to work and do chores to keep Ann and Alice happy, there is a cheat menu for that. So, there should not be any complaining about this mod being grindy and too much farming. If it's still not enough, use an image tool that you can find in BB forum and use it to decrypt the img files. You can enjoy the art without needing to play the mod. :p
Let's see if you can reach the ending stage (60 stages altogether ) and trigger those special events.
Clues For Hidden Scenes:
1. Kira hidden scene
Kinky Kira
Have fun with Mom and Kira on Friday morning 3am but don’t seduce mom and choose ‘continue’ instead.
Decisions (Kira scene by the pool)
Wash dish on Saturday, 11am. (small chance for additional option, ‘continue’ to appear.)​

2. Ann hidden scene
Exciting shower
Give mom a massage in the morning ( 6am). Make sure mom is horny.
Possible regret (Blowjob in mom’s bedroom)
Small chance to trigger after Max failed to seduce Ann at night in her bedroom. She must be horny but NOT in a good mood.
Consolation (Blowjob in the terrace)
Small chance to trigger after Max invites mom to have fun in her bedroom. Easier when mom is NOT horny. Must be done at 14:00 / 2pm.
Best reward (Sex in dressing room)
Go shopping on Saturday. There is a chance of additional option, “Watch them” to appear. Pick a cloth and call mom then persuade her successfully. There will be a small chance to enter the dressing room and get your reward.
Promise! (Sex in mom’s bedroom)
Must get her to promise to spend time with Max at night. It can be done by visiting her in her bedroom when she’s getting dressed before she goes out shopping. (Saturday / 10am and mom must be horny). Then visit her at night in her bedroom and wait in her bedroom.​

Double / Triple the wetness (Sex by the pool)
Must get her to promise to spend time with Max at night. It can be done by visiting her in her bedroom when she’s getting dressed before going out shopping. (Saturday / 10am). Then visit her at night in her bedroom and look for mom (small chance).
Delicious breakfast! (Sex in the kitchen)
Knock Alice’s bedroom door at night when Kate is not around then request a blowjob from her. (Mom must be horny).​

Anal at last
Do anal with Alice in the bathroom at night and invite mom to have fun in her bedroom the next day. When they are having fun, choose to ‘Fuck her harder’ (random option).​

3. Alice hidden scenes
Extra Massage! (Sex by the pool)
Talk to Alice when she’s washing dish on Sunday. Refuse to help her. Alice must be in an awesome mood and has taken a break.​

Webcam Extra! (Sex in Alice’s bedroom after streaming job.)
Small chance to trigger after their usual camshow job. Alice must be in an awesome mood and has taken a break.​

Morning Invader! (Sex in the morning in Alice’s bedroom)
Small chance to trigger at 6am, Saturday morning. Alice must be in an awesome mood and has taken a break.​

Drunken sister! (Sex in the bathroom)
Saturday 3am, it’s the dev version hidden scene. Must give Alice a candy at 8pm on Friday when she’s getting dressed and about to go out to the club with Kira.​

4. Lisa hidden scenes
Lisa adventure 1 - What an Eyeful
Small chance to trigger when Max and Alice are doing camshow. It’s during Max fucking Alice from behind.​

Lisa adventure 2 - 3's company!
Small chance to trigger when Max and Alice are doing camshow. It’s during Alice giving Max a handjob. Must be done within a week from event 1​

Lisa adventure 3 - Rocket Ride!
Max won’t take part in the scene. He must visit mom at night in her bedroom and successfully seduce her for this Lisa hidden scene to trigger. Must be done within 10 days after event 2. Mom is horny and in awesome mood.​

- End -

Creator : Dark Silver for creating such an exciting game.
Team : Cthulhu_, Gundam00, Skyphernaut
Arts : penecultor, celtic1138, papersand, goutch, FunFiction, GreatName, Chancer and all the other art makers.
Ideas : Diamond mod for inspiration as well as for a few big brother mod apk pics taken from his mod. Thank you, hopefully you won’t mind. :)

To do:
Bug fixing and adding more hidden scenes
Multiple paths and varied responses for repeatable scenes.

Wish list:
A lot more good quality renders especially Ann and Kira. :p

(Need main file and all the update files including fix if available.)

Main file:
Seduction v0.3.1b | Mirror(2/12/2017)
– Added 3 repeatable scenes
– Added 1 hidden scene and extend 1 old hidden scene
– Fixed some bugs
– Increase chance for hidden scenes

Seduction V0.3.1 Fix C
– A temporary fix for BB version 0.11

Save File :
This is optional. This save clear all the main quests needed to progress seduction stages to stage 60. Keep entering Ann bedroom at night until you receive a notification that big brother game apk seduction has started. (Usage: overwrite you save file in Save folder or rename the number ‘0’ to the highest number you have in your save directory.)

Seduction v0.31 (25/11/2017)
- Added 3 repeatable scenes
- Added 1 hidden scene and extend 1 old hidden scene
Full description here

Seduction v0.3 (20/11/2017)
- Chapter 3
- Added 20 new stages
Full description here

Seduction v0.24 (26/10/2017)
- Added 2 new hidden scenes and extend 1 of the old hidden scene.
- Fixed some bugs and made a few corrections of the stories.

Seduction v0.2
- Chapter 2
- Added 16 new stages

There is no major update or new chapter planned for now except, maybe a couple of hidden scenes when I have some time to spare. Anyway, thank you for your supports and for playing the mod. Have fun! :)


Big Brother APK - Lisa's Photo-Session & More (v0.23) (lazyharry)

Lisa‘s Photo-Session & More v0.23 (23/06/18)

Started with Lisa’s Photo Session, the added modules makes it necessary to also to adapt the title of the mod a little bit. So this mod will change in next versions more and more to a combined mod.
The version v0.23 is a combined mod, which combines following mod parts:

  • Galin’s mod v.0.9 – modding base
  • Diamond Mod– by GreatName
  • Shopping Adventure 0.6.1 – by Rich/Derover
  • Lisa’s Photo-Session v0.23– by lazyharry
  • Chancer mod (partly) – by Chancer
Lisa's Photo-Session v0.23 contains following parts:

01. Lisa's Photo-Session- Part 1(images by @celtic1138) 
02. Lisa's Photo-Session- Part 2 (images by @celtic1138) 
03. Lisa's Photo-Session- Part 3 ( (images by @celtic1138) 
04. Mom alternative massage (images by @penecultor) 
05. Moms shower fun (images by @penecultor) ;
06. Doc Eve at Clinic - Part 1 (images by @celtic1138) 
07. Doc Eve at Clinic - Part 2 (images by @celtic1138) 
08. Mom Shopping Scene with animation (images by @papersand) 
09. Alice Shopping Scene (images by @papersand) 
10. Lisa Wakeup 2 (images by @Epicuren) 
11. Bathroom threesome with Kira & Alice (images by @cerioch) 
12. Kira & Max fuck at TV night (images by @cerioch) 
13. Mom Sexy massage (images by @penecultor) 
14. Porn training 2 with Alice/Kira (images by @celtic1138) 
15. Extra Yoga with Mom (images by @papersand) 
16. Kira & Max Porn Video (images by @WBWB) 
17. Hang out at Vicky’s (images by @papersand) 
18. Lisa shopping with Olivia 
19. Kate-Alice-Max threesome extension 
20. Mom cooking scenes – (Orig Diamond - adapted to BBv0.13) 
21. Mom new bathroom scene (images by @Mickaveli) 
22. Max basement adventure - chapter 1 (images by @penecultor) 
23. Max basement adventure - chapter 2 (images by @penecultor) 
24. Max basement adventure - chapter 3 (images by @penecultor) 
25. Vicky's Adventure - chapter 1 (images by @celtic1138) 
26. Vicky's Adventure - chapter 2 -(images by @celtic1138) 
27. Lisa Homework Scene - (images by @skyphernaut )  slightly changed + additional images
28. Vicky's Adventure - chapter 3 - (images by @celtic1138) 
29. Lisa's Sex Education - chapter 1 - NEW (images by @skyphernaut ) 
30. Vicky's Adventure-chapter 4 - NEW - (images by @celtic1138) 
31. Good Morning fuck - New (images by @skyphernaut )


added from Chancer Mod:
C 1. Lisa Wakeup (by @Chancer) (with changed days)
C 2. Kate smoking at night 
C 3. Kira night bath 03:00/ 
C 4. Lisa before shopping-Sa-10:00 
C 5. Lisa before school/different scenes 10:00 
C 6. Kira swimming at night 03:00/different scenes 
C 7. Repeat porn video On hold 
C 8. Porn practise with Alice/ 3-some with Alice & Lisa  
C 9. Mom worried/Sleep Voyeur  
C10. Mom smoking video 
C11. Mom Yoga-different scenes (changed start) 
C12. Alice smoke after dishwashing 
C13. Alice leg massage-different scenes 
C14. Mom night sex at pool -extended-different endings 
C15. Mom & Kira Cheerleader 
C16. Kira & Max shower 
C17. Lisa New Outfit 
C18. Mom Blowjob at terrasse 
C19. Alice bath Scenes 
C20. Mom TV scenes 
C21. Alice Blog Sex 21:00 
C22. Mom private punishment BJ 
C23. Olivia, Lisa & Max-threesome – changed intro/exit 
C24. Porn Movie with Monique - changed entry 
C25. Lisa sex during homework  
C26. Lisa/Olivia-threesome Sa/Su  
C27. Lisa bathroom scene  
C28. Lisa skips school 
C29. Olivia skips school 

These mods are proofed to work with version BB v0.13.0.007
On Hold – these parts are not yet tested with BB v0.13

Lisa’s Photo-Session & More is not compatible withChancer mod !

To play this mod you need the basic and cracked game from:
NEW: This update needs to overwrite the AssemblyC-Sharp, all data files and the Mod.txt.
You have to DL the Mega image folders, and the mod LPSv023 which big brother apk download for android contains all necessary files. All images are now jpg.
All users, which have already v0.22-version, only need to DL the last Mega-file: LPS-Modv0.23.
Info v023: 
Mod modul 17, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30 are using the opportunities. So you know your reached status in this modparts , and the next steps in Opportunities/Hot Coffee (see screenshot)

Clean install:
1. Make sure you have the base game installed
2. Download all MEGA - Files
3. Extract them and copy all images to the Images folder and overwrite the files when asked for it
4. Remark: copy all content of the extracted folders (jpg and subfolder) to BB/Images, or decrypt direct into BB/Images.
BB/Images should only contain jpg's and the subfolders (Subfolders contain the animation jpg).
5. Extract Mod LPSv022, copy/paste all to your main game directory and overwrite the files, when asked.
v0.23: 23/06/18
- change Modul 27 (added images + changed text)
- slightly changes/correction in different files
- add: Vicky's Adventure - chapter 4 (Modul 30)
- add: Good Mrning fuck (Modul 31)

- correct some bugs and missing lines
- add: Vicky's Adventure - chapter 3
- add: Lisa's Sex Education chapter 1, continuing the education of basic BB game

- changing variables
- correct scambled images
- adding some missing images
- re-check all images and emo with Big Brother APK Mod Editor
- transferring modparts from diamond-mod into text-files
- removal of duplicated scenes
- add Vicky's Adventure Chapter 2
- add new Lisa Homework scene
How to play:
Photo-Session(changed due to new file structure of BB v013)
1. shop with the family on Sa 11:00
2. visit Lisa on Su 12:00 - gift
3. talk to Kira at pool 03:00 (watch-->keep watching-->Aunt Kira?-->Not at all-->I think you forget to wear panties -->) - get lamps, you will have it autimatically after that
4. next Sunday at 12:00 you get photo-session ( repeatable) - only if you have given gift to Lisa, get lamps from Kira and Lisa's mood is high enough
5. Talk to Lisa dishwashing at 20:00
6. Show her photos and sedcard at 23:00 (help homework)
7. Do homework without mistake to get reward
8. Show images to Kira at 03:00 (Lounge or Pool)
9. Start Photo-Session 2 on Saturday 10:00 (instead of shopping)
10. Start Photo-Session 3 on next Saturday 10:00 (instead of shopping)

Attention: I'm using a variable as counter. Only by following this step by step the counter level will increase, and you're able to get the events.

NEW: For all, who have problems to play the different Photo-Sessions, or like to repeat it I've added a cheat to the cheat menu, so you can reset the conter to the desired step.

Doc Exam:
1. During 5. visit to Doc Eve, you can get a BJ
2. Next visits with Alice, then you can fuck Eve
3. Next visit you choose "Go alone" and you can choose between blowjob or fucking

Alice/Kira/Max threesome:
available on Sa 08:00

Kira/Max fuck at TV:
available on Wednesday/Sunday at 03:00

– Big Brother APK v compatible -tested
Please inform me, if something didn’t work.

here are the images and the mod:
[MEGA] Images Diamond mod
[MEGA] Images SA v06.1 mod
[MEGA] Images-LPS-upto-v013
[MEGA] Images-LPSv014-022
[MEGA] LPS-Modv023

Big Brother APK - A Shopping Adventure (v0.6.1) (Derover & Rich) (Abandoned)

“Big Brother APK: A shopping adventure” is a mod for the adult game Big Brother APK by Dark Silver.
Because Max seems locked up in the house, we gave him big brother apk download for android the opportunity to go shopping with his family. Ofcourse Max isn’t interested in the clothing, but more in what’s underneath.

Story and idea by @Derover
Images by @Rich

Current version: v0.6.1
Base game version: v0.13.0.007

V0.6.1 - 16/02/2018
- Removed unnecessary dialog (Thanks to lazyharry)

V0.6 - 15/02/2018
- Added 1 dressing option for Mom
- Added 1 dressing option for Lisa
- Added 1 dressing option for Alice

V0.5.2 - 06/02/2018
- Made the mod compatible with the new V13 of BB
1. Download the "BB Shopping".
2. Extract the archive somewhere on your PC.
3. Copy the content of the extracted folder into the base game folder, next to the "BigBrother.exe".
4. Start the game and enjoy!
Q: I don't get the option to join Mom, Alice and Lisa.
A: The option to join your family opens after aunt Kira arrives.

Q: On one point in the game I can't go shopping anymore.
A: Looks like some black magic is used on your game. Jokes aside, there is an option to manually trigger the shopping event at each saturday 10 o'clock, when you politely knock on Mom's door.

Q: Lisa keeps getting angry at me when I'm peeking on her.
A: You need to progress further with Lisa. She has to be comfortable showing her bare breasts at you.

Q: Alice doens't seem to like that I'm peeking on her.
A: You have to progress into the Kate + Alice path. After a while, she will be more at ease when you look at her.

Q: I want to play this mod, but I need a cheat mod to avoid the grind aswell.
A: I know the feeling. Just open the "Mod.txt" from this mod. Copy all of it's content and paste it at the end of the "Mod.txt" you use to cheat.

Q: I downloaded the mod, but it seems I can't get it to work.
A: Are you sure are using the correct version. Look above at the "current version" and the "base game version" and check if you are using the correct combination. If this is the case, you can always post something about your problem in this thread.

Download: BB shopping adventure 0.6.1 .zip

Big Brother APK - Diamond Mod (2017.10.23.A) (GreatName)

READ THIS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS : · master · Hegredo Batista / diamond-mod-bb · GitLab

What’s the mod about

The whole idea is to bring a big brother apk set of story extensions to the main game that feel as natural as possible with the fan arts people are very awesomely making.

It means trying to upscale and integrate the ones that are the best resembling original game and finding a way to use other ones in a manner that don’t break the immersion.

Simple Install ?
Unzip last version in your directory Tags · Hegredo Batista / diamond-mod-bb · GitLab

You should make a copy of the game to avoid issues.

Additional infos
GitLab Project :Hegredo Batista / diamond-mod-bb · GitLab

What are the rules of this thread ?
Hum … maturity? but we’re on a incest game modding thread so we’ll see what happen.

Big Brother APK - v0.13.0.007 (Chancer)

Quick warning by TCMS:
This thread is for you to ask for changes to the mod / post what problems you might have with the mod / mod discussion. That’s the only thing allowed on this thread.

Any off topic conversation and you’re getting warned.

…. Starting….

You will need the cracked Game from here: [Unity] – Big Brother [v0.13.0.007] [Dark Silver]
(Many Thanks to SCALE)

Updated: 03-26-2019
Game/Creator: Big Brother by Dark Silver
Modder: Chancer
Mod Version:
Game Version:
Language: English

Includes Other Mods
It combines the following community made mods:
- A Shopping Adventure mod Big Brother - A Shopping Adventure [v6.1]
- Diamond mod Big Brother Diamond mod [2017.10.23.A]
-lazyharry mod Big Brotheronly the photoshoot
- ... (other mods included)
For the Seduction mod users, have uploaded the jpg for it.

Clean install:
1. Make sure you have the base game installed
2. Download the images from MEGA OR Zippshare
3. Extract the Mod Images 1, Mod Images 2, lazyharry Photo-shoot, Mod36 Data, Mod36 Images, Mod36.txt, Mod37 Img, Mod38 Img and Mod39 Img, Mod39 Img, and Mod40 All other.. Put in the folder, in all jpg files in the Images folder, and the other in the corresponding folders. when asked overwrite the files for it. Make sure the Mod40 All other files are last to be put in.
4. Make sure you leave the folders inside the Mod images folder intact! DO NOT COPY IMAGES FROM THESE FOLDERS!
5. Play the game

Update a previous installation:
1. Make sure the previous installation works correctly
2. Download the missing image archives from MEGA or Zippy Share
3. Extract Mod40 All other, overwrite the files when asked for it.
4. Play the game
This update needs to overwrite the Assembly-CSharp, data files and the Mod.txt . All are jpg, as v13 does not use img files. You need to download A Shopping Adventure has been converted, too.
New for
☻is my additions
♦ is Diamond Mod
little box is lazyharry Mod
Added, that includes all needed files.
The mod.txt has changed, and is no longer needed.
Anytime the talk icon appears, check to see if an event is in it.
To School Search For Lori
14:00 M-F
21:00 with mom at TV
11:00 with Alice doing dishes
Can visit Vicky at 17:00
Removed Untold story and seduction mods.
Added Mod36 Data, Mod36 Images, Mod36.txt.
Added new data files.
Added lazyharry Photo-shoot images.
Sat at 11:00, stay at home... I hope Max stayed home...
Tues, Thurs at 21:00... Ooo, there's Max, busy on his computer
Added to 22:00 at pool
Fri at 23:00... Kyla's here, so Alex and I, will be in the lounge!
Sat, Sun at 23:00... Lose the top, and join me on the bed...
Moms room at 0:00... I'll see if mom needs a massage...
data file
A Shopping Adventure to v6.1
Sat at 13:00 at the pool
New AssemblyC-Sharp, data files
Mom night massage
Mom bath
Olivia night visit
online at 1:00 or 2:00, call Kate's mom
Mom: Between 10:00 and 18:00: Do you want to try something interesting?
I want to see you in your new outfit...
& Kira at 11:00
22:00 at pool
at 0:00
Sun & Sat at 18:00
Mon, Wed & Fri at 18:00
Cooking at 8:00
Sun at 21:00 Nothing much. You can join me, if you want.
Private punishment: I'd rather have a bj, instead,
more in Let's get naked and have some fun, mom!
03:00 Not yet, you got me hard, so let's fuck!
21:00 I have to try a special movie or I'll give this movie a try
22:00 I have something to show you, sis.
Mon-Fri 10:00 I could use some help! or But I want to see your sexy bod!
All week 20:00 I had to see your sexy bod! or Can you help me, please?
All week 21:00 Let's get naked and have some fun, mom!
Sat 10:00 Mom, I need your help!
& Kira sleep at 03.00 Hell! I should try my luck.

Lisa: morning shower
Anal at 20:00 changed
10:00 in room
My photo shoot Mon at 21:00
Sat & Sun 23:00 I want ... need to do something with you!
Sun 10:00 Hmm, I wonder what Lisa's doing?
Mon - Fri 10:00 Hey sis, it's me. Can I come in? or It's me, let's have some fun!
Mon: 18:00 Hmm, I wonder what Lisa's up to?
Help with homework Let's get naked and have some fun...
Sat 10:00 I'm coming in. or Nope, I want to see you!
With Eric: After spying on mom & Eric 21:00 Yeah, how do you feel?
Mon, Wed & Fri at 13:00
All week 8:00 Lisa looks so good...

Alice: Wed morning at 1:00
Alice/Kira morning shower
movie New Porn
Practice: Mon & Wed at 1:00
New movie, have to be after Alice's first movie, smoking punishment.
0:00 bath blowjob changed
Watching TV: Whoa, didn't expect this outta you, sis!
1:00: I don't hear anything... I'll wander a bit.
& Kate at 0:00 Shit, I'll take my chances... (don't visit them at 23:00 or won't trigger new event)
My Alice notebook story
When Kira teaches at night What the fuck's going on in there?
Sun 11:00 It's Max. Can I come in?
All week 00:00 It's Max, let me in. or Is it okay to come in?
Watching TV Let's get naked and have fun! or Want to ride me, sis?
Sat through Tues & Thurs: 20:00 Not yet, let me hold you, to tease the client!
21:00 Should I enter for fun, being late I don't know!
early spank hard: 13:00 Ow, Max! That hurts! You promised to be gentle ... Enough of this circus, I leaving.

at 11:00 Weds & Sat
03:00 Not yet, you got me hard, so let's get out and fuck!

Olivia: Tues & Thurs 13:00 I see you're ready for action!
Sat & Sun 16:00 Howdy, whatcha up to?

Doc 3 blowjob.
Jog by Diamond mod
Thanks to Diamond for the info on how to use these
In are you tired mom Could we do this in my room? or Well ... Don't you think we should do this in my room?
Stand Alone Mods:
Seduction Mod and Diamond mod files are in these. ONLY use them if NOT download my supermod, as they are included in my mod!
This is Mega Stand Alone Mod
These are Zippyshare:
Seduction Mod 181.16MB
Diamond Mod 191.81MB

Download: [MEGA] All

Mod Images 483.06MB​
Mod Images 68.69MB​
Mod36 314.25MB​ 0.43MB​
Mod37 9.91MB​
Mod38 15.33MB​
Mod38 All 1.54MB​
Mod39 All 1.47MB​
Mod39 17.75MB​
Mod39 All 1.49MB​
Mod Img 148.18MB​
lazyharry 175.26MB​
A Shopping 131.33MB​

Big Brother APK - Galins Modding (v0.5.2G) (Galin)

Quick warning by TCMS:
This thread is for you to ask for changes to the mod / post what problems you might have with the mod / mod discussion. That’s the only thing allowed on this thread.Any off topic conversation and you’re getting warned.
//-//…under Construction…You will need the cracked Game from here: [Unity] – Big Brother [v0.6.0.010] [Dark Silver]
How to merge Mods:
open GalinsMenu V *.txt with an text editor...
copy the whole thing

open Mod.txt with text editor, paste at the end

save the file (mod.txt)

Restart game and Play!
V 0.5.2 G
 - Girls Menu (for all Girls)
 - Girls at Pool Topless
 - Alice lies on Back after Massage
 - Raise Domination by Max
 - Delete Influence by Eric (Ikaruga)
 - Unlock Private Punishment
 - Repeat Blowjob with Alice

 V G
 - redone: Kate smoke Topless (now BB compatible)
 - redone: Express Delivery Service(now BB compatible)
 - Bugfix: 2nd night with Lisa (Let her kbow...) thx kiryuziryu
 - reactivated: maximize Domination by Max

 V 0.5.1 G
 - Mom gives Handjobs
 - Repeat fucking Alice scene
 - Flags

There are 2 Versions:
1. Mod V 0.*.txt (works standalone as usual) – Just Rename it to mod.txt
2. GalinsMenu V 0.*.txt (Merge it with Ikarumod or Lordaschs Mod – read SPOILER!)

Have Fun with it !!!

The new Version is V 9.0 !!!

No Changelog yet…because of my new Job…

Thank you very much @Pothos for the DIA9
(The DIA ist for the modders, this is NOT the mod!!!)

Updated Dia9-alpha (in the old version the emoticons and pictures were eliminated)

Download: Mod V 0.5.2 G.txt

Download: GalinsMenu_V_0.5.2_G.txt

Download: DIA9 formatted.txt

Download: DIA9-alpha.txt

Download: Mod 9.0.7z

Big Brother APK Free Download - Ikarumod (v0.7.0) (Ikaruga)

Quick warning by TCMS:
This thread is for you to ask for changes to the mod / post what problems you might have with the mod / mod discussion. That’s the only thing allowed on this thread.


Any off topic conversation and you’re getting warned.

Hello everyone

Thank you for your fidelity ! I’m happy to give you this mod.
I know that many of you want to add functionnalities, but you need to understand my philosophy : I don’t want you break your save by using my mod, that’s why i won’t include in my mod anything i suspect dangerous or changing too much your game.

I’m too prudent, i kn ow, but i’m sure you can remove my mod and continue playing without any bugs or mistakes.

Sometimes, my mod will implement borderline modification, like Eric switchs in v0.4. I’ll warn about it.

If this version of the mod, i give a modified DLL with my mod. This dll if the “game side” code of the game. I’ll tell you exatly what i did in this file. Be absolutly sure that everything is safe for your game.

Just replace the Mod.txt file with the one present in your game root directory
If you have download the version from f95zone, just put the mod file in the folder where “BigBrother.exe” is.


Mod.txt changes

  • Topless mega switch
This switch, present in “max cheats” will toggle an internal flag used to toggle art from swimsuits to topless. If you enable it, then your mom, Lisa and Alice will be topless when in the pool. It’s a safe switch, so don’t hesitate to try ;)
  • Get rid of Eric
Yes, you read well. I found the master switch to get rid of him. This switch is triggered when you achieve either of the 2 quest to get him out of the game. You’ll get your sister back, Eric will never come at home. Peace.
Carefull !!! NEVER switch it until first visit of him, as you may break the game (not sure, but you’re advised!)​
  • Removed Gallery (useless until up to date)
  • Master influence reset in max menu (to avoid going in all menus)
  • Some typos
Careful¹ !!
Is the text "Go to war with Eric" is showned, that mean you're at peace with him ! When you click on one option, it activate it !

Carefull² !!
Experimental use. Make a save before. Please tell me if anything go wrong

Carefull³ !!
When you change Eric's states, it won't protect you from ingame changes. If you go peace with him then fuck your dialogues after, you'll go to war. It's just a switch, it can be switched back.

Version (0.9)

  • 20171006 Add new items in shop
    # – Steel Handcuffs
    # – High Heels
    # – Slutty School Uniform
    # – Black Stockings

NEW !! Image Decryptor *DOESN’T WORK WITH V.10+
If you want to decrypt images yourself, just get the It’s a replacment for the dll located in \\BigBrother_Data\Managed .
This dll will decrypt all the image when you start a new game or load any save. All decrypted images will be in \\Imageswith same name as the *.img file but with .jpg extension. It’s decrypted.

As i know, some people are modding this file too. It’s great because everyone can add his touch. But please, if you mix my mod with yours, change the first line of the file to add your personnal data, as people will be able to know witch version they use.

If you alter my mod, PLEASE tell it in comment at start of the file (use # for comments)

Please : no messy and wild requests. Let me some time to organize myself as i eared you :)



Installation Guide & How-To Download for Android, Windows & Mac

How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Complete the CAPTCHA.
3. Click on the ‘Click here to continue.’
4. Wait for the 8 sec Countdown for the link.
5. Click on the Get Link button on the lower half of the page.
Installation for Android/Windows:
1. Download APK or zipped files
2. Extract the Zip file
3. Just install APK files
4. Play & Enjoy your Game.

Main character – Max, young guy who is living in poor family with mother and two sisters. However, Max’s father gifted them a wonderful house! Even with pool! But money shortage problem is not solved yet. Can Max earn some money? Can he seduce all his relatives? Can he reach anything in his life? Only player can help him.​

Updated: 02/02/2018
Developer/PublisherDark Silver | Discord
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian (русский)

big brother apk free download

Big Brother APK Free Download: See more today! If youbecome a patron to Dark Silver, you’ll immediately get access to as many as 112 patron-only posts.


My name is DarkSilver. I worked most of my life as a videogame developer for Big Brother APK Free Download. Few years ago I found a world of adult games and it changed my life. I started working on the game Big Brother last year. Now I have a team, and together we made a very popular game with a lot of high quality content. But, unfortunately, Patreon has changed their policy about games like Big Brother, so working on it on Patreon is now impossible.

Progress:79% complete. As soon as this goal is met, we can work full-time and release new versions of the game on a regular basis.


No changelog unless someone reads the text files and wants to make one.

What’s new in 0.12:

  • Ann gets a new job
  • Because of this, Max and Ann’s relationship grows to another level
  • New sex ed lessons with Lisa and Ann
  • New series of events with Olivia if you didn’t pick Lisa & Olivia route
  • New character Diane, Olivia’s mom
  • New location: Olivia’s house
  • A new movie

big brother apk free download

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