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Big Brother will return, but as a new story. It will share many similarities to the original, and will also include new gameplay features and storylines.
DISCLAIMER: Big Brother Another Story APK Download is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

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How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Wait for the 5 sec Countdown for the link.
3. Click on the ‘SKIP THIS AD
4. You will be redirected to a cloud storage and file hosting service
5. Download your files from there (e.g: MEGA, NOPY, UPLOADHAVEN)
Installation for Android/Windows:
1. Download APK or zipped files
2. Extract the Zip file
3. Just install APK files
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Big Brother Another Story APK Download – You play the role of a former military officer, now trying to make a living by trading and scavenging in the vastness of space. Your ship the Callisto and rag-tag crew, experiencing new adventures and relationships along its travels.​

Thread Updated: 2020-07-15
Release Date: 2020-07-15
Developer: Aleksey90 Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Fix
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English, Russian

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v0.04.0.05 Fix change log 

What’s new in this update:
– additional camera angles during many of the sneak peeks;
– possibility to massage Alice’s feet on the sofa;
– the morning incidents with Lisa;
– massage for lessons with Lisa;
– ability to choose clothes for characters;
– the ability to release a spider during Alice’s massage in the yard;
– aunt Kira’s arrival;
– some of the events with aunt Kira at night;
– kissing lessons;
– the punishments are becoming more humiliating;
– fixed minor errors during lessons with Lisa;
– fixed a bug with Alice’s very frequent punishments;
– and other small things that will open up in the promotion of certain opportunities.
With the introduction of the ability to change clothes, the variability of all events in the game has increased many times.

Although the game Big Brother Another Story APK passes many tests, there are always moments with errors, inaccuracies, etc.
Therefore, if you have the opportunity, send screenshots of errors to the channel in Discord (bug-reports).
This way you can see if someone else has found the error that occurred to you. If you don’t have this option, please describe the problem in your personal messages.
About aunt Kira’s arrival…
Aunt Kira has a fixed arrival time, namely Day 18.
But if in your passage you have already gone far for this day, then on Sunday you will start conversations over food about the arrival of your aunt.
And after almost 2 weeks (on Saturday), Kira will appear.
Today, a serious error was discovered in the reproduction of memories and almost all of them were sent for recycling. For this, I apologize.
In the coming days, along with the detected and corrected errors, the fixes will also contain additions to the memories.

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All questions regarding how to download and install Big Brother Another Story APK Free Download must go into our F.A.Q page, you can find here a detailed answer about it .